Who Do The Movers, Shakers and Bakers in the California Cannabis Industry Turn to For Legal Advice?

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Chris Hickok of Shevin Law Group: One of the Best Cannabis Lawyers In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Who do Alien Labs, Jungle Boys and Heavy Hitters contact for legal advice in the cannabis industry? Chris Hickok, Associate at Shevin Law Group in Los Angeles.  Entrepreneur Magazine recently named the firm one of the top 10 cannabis compliance firms in the nation.

“California has begun implementation of a statewide regulatory scheme, providing state licensing for every aspect of the cannabis industry,” explains Hickok. “Our firm is actively involved in over 100 license applications at the local and state level. We work closely with the BCC, CDPH, CDFA and many local municipalities to help facilitate a smooth transition into the highly regulated market promulgated by MAUCRSA.”

Chris provides a unique perspective to the cannabis industry. While his childhood friends were perfecting their craft in the grow room, Chris took his skills to law school. Because of his unique passion for cannabis and knowledge of cannabis law, he was recruited by the Shevin Law Group upon his graduation. Today, he helps companies navigate the complicated and rapidly changing state compliance requirements in California.

A Family Affair 

In the summer of 2017, Chris’ dad, former Vice President of Finance at NBC Universal, also entered the cannabis industry as COO of Starling Brands, producer of Jayden’s Juice, the leading children’s epilepsy medicine, and other cannabis brands.

“To see my son get to where he is today is incredible,” Dave Hickok says. “When he originally announced he wanted to work in the cannabis space, I flew off the handle. But then, I learned more about the industry, and recognized the opportunity was huge. Now I get to work closely with my son who handles legal compliance for Starling. I’m impressed by his knowledge and passion. Guess I didn’t do such a bad job raising him!”

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