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Strain Review: Sundae Driver by Cannarado

Bred by Cannarado, Sundae Driver is an indica-dominant cross of FPOG and Grape Pie.

True Terpenes Adds a Boost to Your Cannabis Experience

Other than smelling great, terpenes have a direct effect on the experience of using cannabis, such as inducing couch-lock versus [...]

Interview with the “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham

Kilham has traveled all over the world searching for traditional herbal treatments—through Asia, Europe and South America, including deep in [...]

The Green Life: Mazari Farms and the Humboldt Growers Network

By: Jesse Duncan I was born and raised in Humboldt County, so the Green Life is at the core of [...]

Could Cannabis Be The Best Anti-Aging Component? Telomeres and Brain Health

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out that the plant’s powerful healing properties can reverse aging?

EmeraldCast #1: A Golden State

Nishant Reddy is the co-founder of A Golden State, which produces some of the market’s most luxurious cannabis with the [...]

Must-Have Festival Accessories

Other than your festival outfits or costumes good for three days and your camping gear, there are a few essentials [...]

Safe Drug Use During Festival Season

What can you do to be safe while partying? Well, first and foremost, don’t use illegal drugs, especially if you [...]

Food Flower Future

Food Flower Future are throwing a new kind of intimate gathering. They produce cannabis-infused dinners and other cannabis-related events that [...]