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Emerald is a media group focused on the modern cannabis lifestyle. The group delivers free digital content, as well as an opportunity to subscribe to the print magazine. The Emerald is the number one resource guide for anyone active in the cannabis community, or for those who are curious about what the lifestyle entails.  

Culinary and recreational uses of cannabis are a primary focus, but the media group also explores industry events, travel destinations, and rising trends related to cannabis, and delivers product reviews, as well as up-to-date information on the latest social, medical, and ongoing advancements within the cannabis community.

The Emerald is a broad-ranging, consumer-based media group that appeals to a wide array of demographics in every age group from millennials to senior citizens.  Men and women alike are drawn to readership, with modern women, and senior citizens, serving as a rapidly-growing segment of the audience thanks to content that caters not only to active participants in the cannabis lifestyle, but also anyone interested in topics of personal wellness and economic and environmental concerns.

The Media Group regularly features in-depth reporting on medical and scientific advances in the cannabis industry and includes practical information drawn from authoritative sources and the latest studies related to cannabis and non-psychoactive cannabis products like CBD.  Explorations of travel destinations, industry events like expos and conventions, and notable growing operations springing up across the country provide opportunities for readers interested in the cannabis lifestyle to get involved, learn more, and meet like-minded adults in the cannabis community.

Readers have access to an ever-rotating lineup of recipes designed to deliver culinary inspiration with a distinctly cannabis-based flair. The Emerald’s magazine component proudly features content created by award-winning journalists and writers who have gained superior recognition within their field.

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