Aplós Blood Orange Mojito

Aplós, A Hemp-Infused Liquor Alternative?

  Like many during the pandemic, it is difficult for me to unwind when working from home. Many turn to [...]
Flower and Spice Dark Chocolate Tart

Flower and Spice Dark Chocolate Tart

As the heat of summer finally starts to cool, I can’t turn my oven on quickly enough. The nostalgic delight [...]

Cali-Flower Latkes

By Nora Mounce As a college freshman, I rented a room in a brown shingle house blocks away from the [...]
white rice cooker on brown wooden table

Crockpot Cannabis Butter for Beginners

Cannabis butter offers a versatile and smokeless way to consume THC, and this crockpot cannabis butter recipe for beginners is [...]

New Year Fig Challah Bread

To close a turbulent year on a high note, bake a loaf of lightly sweet, medicinal challah bread to share [...]


Recipe by Jeff the 420 Chef Ahhh the holidays are here, and nothing shouts Chanukah in Israel as loudly as [...]
CBD egg nog

CBD Egg Nog

Recipe by Nora Mounce There’s something about drinking a cocktail that my grandma would have served at her Christmas party [...]

Interview with ZABICOLife

Gladstone Etienne, CEO and Founder of ZABICOLife, curates custom herbal tea blends, including CBD, to reduce stress, anxiety and improve [...]
strawberry ice cream on cone

Emerald Media speaks with Chyna Tiya, Owner of Official Edibles

Emerald Media has a conversation with Chyna Tiya, Owner of Official Edibles, an infused ice cream company.