strawberry ice cream on cone

Emerald Media speaks with Chyna Tiya, Owner of Official Edibles

Emerald Media has a conversation with Chyna Tiya, Owner of Official Edibles, an infused ice cream company.
yellow corn on glass bowl

DIY: Roasted Chickpeas

A easy and simple recipe for making your own Roasted Chickpeas!
green vegetables on top of white board

DIY: Kale Chips

In this video short you'll learn how to make Crispy Kale Chips at home!
pastry balls on top of tray


Cannabis-infused edibles have a hard-earned reputation for being overwhelmingly strong and sweet. While more and more Americans are improving their [...]
Pax 3 packaging

Healthier Hits? A Review of the Pax 3

  At $200, I was hoping the Pax 3 would deliver the best vaping experience I’ve ever had. After hearing [...]
Psychedelics affecting a person's brain chemistry.

Can Psychedelics Boost Mental Health?

Psychedelics are slowly becoming legalized in North America. Are psychedelics really beneficial for those with mental health issues?
a picture of a Hemp Oil Tincture box

A Review of Willie’s Remedy Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

  Just a few drops a day makes the anxiety go away. This week I tried out Willie’s Remedy Full [...]

Willie’s Remedy CBD Tea and Coffee

While CBD drinks can be calming, starting your day off with a cup of infused coffee or tea can also [...]

Homemade Candy Corn

Recipe by Chef Ron Silver of the New York-based restaurant, Bubby’s, and the CBD brand, Azuca   Makes 90 pieces [...]