Rita Thompson

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Officer Responsible for Death of Eric Garner Is Fired, but Justice Is Far from Found

After a lengthy civil rights investigation lasting over 5 years, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill has announced that Daniel Pantaleo, one [...]

Williamsburg Welcomes Weed: Dispensary to Open in Brooklyn

Coming as a pleasant surprise to many New Yorkers, and especially Brookylnites, Williamsburg is about to get its first cannabis [...]

New Bill Introduced to Decriminalize Cannabis In Florida

A Florida lawmaker introduced a bill on Monday (Aug. 5) that would decriminalize low-level cannabis possession in the state.

New Mexico State Judge Orders DOH to Issue Medical Cannabis Cards to Out-of-State Residents

Ordering the state’s Medical Cannabis Program to start issuing medical cards to out of state residents, a state district court [...]

The Garden State Is Taking One Last Stab At Legalization

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been fighting the cannabis legalization fight for the last year or so, making legalization [...]

Feel the Burn: Bernie Sanders Said He’d Legalize Cannabis Through Executive Order

Election season is nearing.

AriZona Beverages Partners with Dixie Brands to Launch THC-Infused Products

Imagine this: your post smoke sesh CVS trip for 99 cent AriZona, but this time, you don’t even need the [...]

First Hand: What It’s Like To See A Hemp Farm For The First Time

Anyone who smokes or has even just laid eyes on a nug has probably thought to themselves one time or [...]

Atlanta-Based Power Couple Infuses the Industry with Mindfulness and CBD Honey

Being a voiceover actor, Elise has always battled with what frequent smoking could do to her voice.