Rita Thompson

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New Jersey legalizes recreational cannabis

New Jersey Becomes the 13th State to Legalize Cannabis

Two-thirds of New Jersians voted to legalize cannabis on the November 2020 ballot. Ongoing disagreements between lawmakers related to licensing [...]
Woman smoking pipe

6 Awesome Smoking Accessories Made by Women of Color

As the industry continues to grow, it’s increasingly important to highlight these inequalities and support women-owned businesses when possible. 
cannabis jobs

Cannabis Industry Adds 77,300 Jobs in 2020

Millions of Americans lost their jobs in 2020.  According to a new job report by Leafly, however, there are a [...]
Cuomo Green Economy 2020

Cuomo Announces Amendments to Legalization Proposal, Including Delivery

  Cannabis legalization has been on and off the table in New York for what feels like forever. Democratic Gov. Andrew [...]
Idaho medical cannabis bill

Idaho House to Introduce Medical Cannabis Bill

The state currently lacks any legislation acknowledging the medical value of cannabis, and violations of state laws are considered to [...]
Colorado cannabis sales

2020 Cannabis Sales Reach Recording Breaking Heights in Colorado

Since the start of recreational sales in 2014, Coloradans have spent more than $9.9 billion on medical and recreational cannabis. 

5 Romantic Gifts for Your Cannabis Lovin’ Valentine

Here are six romantic gifts your cannabis lovin’ valentine will adore. 
CBD face mask

5 CBD Face Masks to add to Your Skincare Routine 

With the pandemic approaching it’s one year anniversary, the stresses of daily life may be taking a toll on your [...]
study reveals a link between access to cannabis dispensaries and reduced opioid-related deaths

New Study Finds Link Between Access to Dispensaries and Reduced Opioid-Related Deaths

According to a recent study published by The British Medical Journal, access to legal cannabis dispensaries has been linked to [...]