Melissa Hutsell

Emerald contributor since February 2016

Bud Voyage: 5 of the Coolest “Bud and Breakfasts” Around the World

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Through Fire, Snow, and Legalization: How One Humboldt County Brand is Rising Above

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New York Gov. Cuomo Promises to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis, Invest in Green Economy in 2020

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Along Came THCP: Scientists Discover Most Potent Cannabinoid Yet

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Edibles are Evolving: How One Emerald Triangle Brand is Keeping Pace with Emerging Trends

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New Year, New Rules: FDA Announces Nationwide “Ban” on Flavored Vape Cartridges

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DIY Hemp Seed Oil Hair Mask

By Melissa Hutsell   I was born and raised in California. So, as a native of the Golden State, I [...]

After Allegedly Operating Without License, California Officials Sue Lowell Herb Co.

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A Marine Cream Dream—for Those who can Afford it

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