Seniors Report Using Cannabis Products to Mitigate Symptoms of Older Age

The study, titled Cannabis: An Emerging Treatment for Common Symptoms in Older Adults, surveyed 568 seniors aged 65 years and [...]

We Tried Wildist’s Natural Toothpaste and This is What Happened

Toothpaste that’s good for you and good for the environment… now that’s something to smile about. This week I tried [...]
green leafed plant and items on white surface

CBD-Infused Skin Care to Banish Your Acne

From what seems like the beginning of time, acne has plagued our faces with its stubborn persistence. Stress, stress eating, [...]

4 Cannabis-Infused Recipes for the Fall

Halloween is just one week away. While this year might not consist of passing out candy or partying, the Emerald [...]
Felisha George in the woods

Felisha George: Hip-Hop for Healing and Celebration

Twenty-five-year-old Felisha George is a hip-hop artist from New Jersey who recently starred on  Netflix’s music competition series, Rhythm and [...]

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Makes Another Push for Legalization

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been pushing for cannabis legalization for quite some time now, with both his 2019 [...]
The People Issue

The People Issue

In this Fall quarter print magazine, follow the lives of four People who are using their platforms enduringly. Cover story [...]
Humblemaker Cold Brew Shots packaging

Humblemaker Cold Brew Shots

While a shot of vitamins or some Emergen-C may help keep you healthy this winter — perhaps a cold brew [...]

Halloween Themed Strains to try This Spooky Season 

Here is  Emerald's list of Halloween-themed strains to try this spooky season.