Emerald Interviews Curaleaf New York

Emerald Media sits down with Curaleaf's Director of Talent Management & Diversity, Lanett Austin, and the Director of Dispensary Operations, [...]

Monitoring the Future: Study Shows no Increase in Youth Cannabis Use as Legalization Spreads

A study conducted by the University of Michigan analyzed self-reported rates of cannabis use by young people over the last [...]

DJ Khaled to Launch CBD Lifestyle and Wellness Brand

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the country, celebrities are cashing in on the new business opportunities. 
person with black and white tattoo on left hand

5 Hemp-Infused Eyeshadows for Brighter Eyes

Those with super oily eyelids can relate to the struggle of having eyeshadow smudge throughout the day and travel to [...]

Fate Winslow Released from Prison After Being Sentenced to Life for Weed in 2008

In 2008, Fate Winslow was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for selling $20 of cannabis to undercover police [...]

Festive Strains to Light up the Holiday Season

Here’s our list of festive strains to help you light things up this holiday season. 

Richard Delisi is Released After Serving 31 Years for a Non-Violent Cannabis Crime

In 1989, Richard DeLisi was sentenced to serve 90 years in the South Bay Correctional Facility (SBCF) in Palm Beach, [...]
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House Votes to Expand Cannabis Research

This Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to expand and expedite scientific research of medical cannabis. 

Humble Bloom – Turning Purchases into Purpose

Utilizing their platform for the benefit of others, Humble Bloom’s founders Solonje Burnett and Danniel Swatosh have the meritorious goal [...]