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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Have you ever attempted to buy advertising through Facebook, Google or other social media platforms? That’s programmatic advertising. In cannabis, even though we cannot deliver ads on Google or social media platforms, we can still serve ads on all other mainstream apps and websites. Programmatic advertising is the industry standard for how media buying is done in the 21st century. With over 4.7Billion websites, it’s impossible to reach your target audience without the help of data and analytics to guide you through it. 

It’s estimated that within every 24 hour period, 7Billion people are online between computers, tablets and mobile devices. Our programmatic marketplace reaches the eyeballs of 280Million people, 240M of which are legal-aged consumers who can receive cannabis advertising, 40Million of which have already demonstrated some behavior that designates them as a cannabis consumer (either by purchasing cannabis online or visiting a dispensary in person).

Cannabis Media Advertising approach

We have the capabilities to target both industry, and non-industry, web users at all times through partners such as WeedMaps, High Times, Conde Nast, TMZ, Fox News Sports etc.

When targeting which demographics to display your ad campaign to, clients can choose one, or all four of these categories:

  • Behavior Audience (known cannabis consumers/patients, competitor brand purchasers)
  • Location Audience (i.e. geo-targeting, dispensary visitors)
  • Lookalike Audience (i.e people who shop at dispensaries, buy cannabis online, order cannabis delivery, shop at whole foods, etc)
  • Retargeting (through cookies, or campaigns that people have engaged with)

audience targeting Advertising

Clients can opt for a single-state only campaign (i.e if you’re a THC company such as a dispensary or infused product line). Our THC advertising complies with each state’s advertising laws.

Here is a hypothetical example of a single-state advertising campaign with a yearly marketing budget of $60,000 ($5,000/month). 

We see the client wants to target all four audiences (behavior, location, lookalike and retargeting). Given the clients budget, we see how far their ad dollars went for the month: 695,238 impressions


All clients who remit a programmatic advertising budget will be matched dollar-for-dollar with additional advertising options created by Emerald (podcast, video, social, newsletter etc.).


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