CBD face mask

5 CBD Face Masks to add to Your Skincare Routine 

With the pandemic approaching it’s one year anniversary, the stresses of daily life may be taking a toll on your [...]
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3 DIY CBD Face Mask Recipes

    You don’t have to break the bank for CBD skincare. Save some extra cash and fine-tune your skin’s [...]

Personal Safety vs Personal Liberty: What Anti-Maskers, and Anti-Seat Belt Laws Have in Common.

Written by Rita Thompson   Amid the pandemic, Americans and beyond have searched for ways to help prevent the contraction, [...]

DIY Video: Hemp Seed Oil Hair Mask

DIY Hemp Seed Oil Hair Mask     Video by Candis Quarterman

Stop Littering Your Masks and Gloves, Let Mother Nature Heal

As we attempt to protect ourselves from the pandemic, we must also remember to protect our planet and our fellow [...]
DIY Hemp Seed Oil Hair Mask

DIY Hemp Seed Oil Hair Mask

Photos by Melissa Hutsell       I was born and raised in California. So, as a native of the [...]
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How to Get Weed Out of Your System

Any cannabis user has likely pondered how to get THC out of the body at some point or another. Unfortunately, [...]

The Origin Story of the Blunt

The weighted delivery of rolling a blunt and lighting it up. The camaraderie of passing it around. The deep high [...]

Does Meraki’s CBD Skincare Really Work?

CBD skin care might be the next big thing. But does it really work?  I tested two CBD-infused skincare products [...]