J. Laura

Emerald contributor since July 2020
Journalist and contributor for Emerald; covering the social, cultural, political and medical side of cannabis and other (mostly sensitive) issues. For any collaborations or tips, email me at [laura@emeraldmg.com].
person in water in grayscale photography

Suicide Rates are Expected to Increase Amid the Pandemic, and After

COVID-19 has taken more than 44 millions lives globally. However the pandemic has not just taken the lives of those [...]
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The Mental Health Damage Caused by the Pandemic

  The psychological mind games that COVID-19 unveils are beyond the capabilities of us humans. Ever since the World Health [...]
Felisha George in the woods

Felisha George: Hip-Hop for Healing and Celebration

Twenty-five-year-old Felisha George is a hip-hop artist from New Jersey who recently starred on  Netflix’s music competition series, Rhythm and [...]
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From Facebook to Twitter: Social Media Platforms are Removing Millions of Explicit Posts

  The biggest social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have something in common — the existence of content which [...]
Black Friday

How did Black Friday get its Name?

Written By: J. Laura The Myth Behind the Retail Holiday   Every November after Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales swing in. [...]

Emerald Talked to Domina Phoenix Engracia – a Sex Worker

    Domina Phoenix Engracia, a BDSM sex worker who is identified by her professional name, is vocal about her [...]

An Exclusive Interview with Green Party Presidential Candidate, Howie Hawkins

Written by: J. Laura   As the presidential election closes in, Emerald had the chance to talk with one of [...]

Musa Pedersen – The Indonesian boy who is in Desperate Need of Cannabis

  Sixteen-year-old Musa Pedersen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy — a lifelong condition that affects movement and coordination — 40 [...]

The Tibetan boy who Disappeared 25 Years ago

  May 17th, 2020 marked 25 years since Chinese security forces forcefully took away 6-year-old Tibetan boy, Gendhun Choeki Nyima, [...]