J. Laura Arman

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The Economy of Cannabis in California: The Regulated Market vs. the Black Market

Written By: J. Laura Arman & Melissa Hutsell   Legal cannabis has brought billions of dollars in sales to state [...]

Karen on “Karens”

Written By: J. Laura Arman The Label Used to Describe an Entitled White Woman Could Also be an Actual Name [...]
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Religion, Culture and Cannabis

Written By: J. Laura Arman   Religiosity is an important predictor of cannabis use, according to the Pepper Institute on [...]

The “Right” on Cannabis

Written By: J. Laura Arman   According to The Cannabis Exchange, conservatives’ views on cannabis, for the most part, still [...]
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How Covid-19 has Affected International Students in the U.S. 

Written By: J. Laura Arman “I hope I’m making you proud,” says Alyssa to her family in Indonesia.  As of [...]
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Cannabis in a Conservative Country: The History and Politics of Cannabis in Indonesia

Written By: J. Laura Arman Exclusive interview with Agung Mattauch LL.B., LL.M., Advocate and Chairman of Matt, Evert and Partners [...]

Washington Redskins

In 1967, Washington Redskins' trademark was protected. Now the football team is under intense pressure from the public and its [...]