J. Laura

Emerald contributor since July 2020
Journalist and contributor for Emerald; covering the social, cultural, political and medical side of cannabis and other (mostly sensitive) issues. For any collaborations or tips, email me at [laura@emeraldmg.com].
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From Facebook to Twitter: Social Media Platforms are Removing Millions of Explicit Posts

  The biggest social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have something in common — the existence of content which [...]
Black Friday

How did Black Friday get its Name?

Written By: J. Laura The Myth Behind the Retail Holiday   Every November after Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales swing in. [...]

Emerald Talked to Domina Phoenix Engracia – a Sex Worker

    Domina Phoenix Engracia, a BDSM sex worker who is identified by her professional name, is vocal about her [...]

An Exclusive Interview with Green Party Presidential Candidate, Howie Hawkins

Written by: J. Laura   As the presidential election closes in, Emerald had the chance to talk with one of [...]

Musa Pedersen – The Indonesian boy who is in Desperate Need of Cannabis

  Sixteen-year-old Musa Pedersen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy — a lifelong condition that affects movement and coordination — 40 [...]

The Tibetan boy who Disappeared 25 Years ago

  May 17th, 2020 marked 25 years since Chinese security forces forcefully took away 6-year-old Tibetan boy, Gendhun Choeki Nyima, [...]
Black Lives Matter movement sign

“It is Never OK to Commit a Crime in our Honor,” Said Nia Miranda, Woman who Filmed Viral Video

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, one woman in particular, Nia Miranda, made the spotlight when she [...]
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Pornhub : The Website to Advertise Political Campaigns

Written By: J. Laura   Many Americans won’t just see political advertisements on lawns, billboards, bumper stickers or TVs this [...]
Coronavirus Covid 19

COVID-19 is on the Rise for the Second Time

Written by: J. Laura   Countries across the world are preparing for lockdown and restrictions amid the second wave of [...]