study reveals a link between access to cannabis dispensaries and reduced opioid-related deaths

New Study Finds Link Between Access to Dispensaries and Reduced Opioid-Related Deaths

According to a recent study published by The British Medical Journal, access to legal cannabis dispensaries has been linked to [...]
Monitoring the Future study

Monitoring the Future: Study Shows no Increase in Youth Cannabis Use as Legalization Spreads

A study conducted by the University of Michigan analyzed self-reported rates of cannabis use by young people over the last [...]
woman havin a migraine

Study Finds Cannabis Use Relieves Migraine Pain

According to a recent study by Migraine Buddy and Healint, 30% of sufferers have tried cannabis to relieve their symptoms. 
Independent Study Finds Most CBD-Infused Beverages are Mis-Labeled

That’s the Tea: Independent Study Finds Most CBD-Infused Beverages are Mis-Labeled

    An investigation into CBD-infused beverages revealed that more than half of products tested have less of the cannabinoid [...]

Indonesian Advocates Urge Government to Study Cannabis

This article is a continuation of Emerald’s previous article, The Man Behind the Indonesian Cannabis Circle: a Movement to Raise [...]
ptsd cannabis

Latest Study Suggests that CBD Could Help Treat PTSD

  On August 7th 2020, University College London (UCL) published a report which showed that a single dose of cannabidiol [...]
cannabis helps insomniacs sleep

Recent Study Proves, “Cannabis Helps Insomniacs Sleep”

Video from University of Western Australia’s Centre for Sleep Science     The novel coronavirus pandemic is at the forefront [...]
CBD reduces drug cravings

Study Suggests CBD Reduces Drug-Induced Cravings and Anxiety

    In the U.S., 128 people die everyday due to illicit or prescription opioid use, including oxycodone, heroin and [...]

New Study Finds Cannabis Use is Surging Among Older Americans

    A newly released study, published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, finds cannabis consumption increased by 75% among [...]