Air Hemp: Hempearth Group Ltd Is Taking Hemp To The Skies

As seen on USA Today, The National Hemp Association and many other notable organizations, Hempearth Group LTD is on a mission to build the world’s first hemp plane. This, what some would call an insane vision, is the dream of a man by the name of Derek Kesek.

This hempsational concept is ever closer to becoming a reality. On December 17th, 2016 Hempearth Group Ltd will relaunch the epic Hemp Plane Project! I work with Mr. Kesek on projects and am a contributor to Hempearth Group Ltd.

Derek was happy to share some insight into this green movement. When I asked him what he’d say to the Emerald Magazine’s readers about hemp he had this to say: “Hemp is changing all industry as we know it right now and will continue to do so for centuries to come!”

The hemp plane is a way to help bring awareness to the countless applications and durability of this incredible plant. Industrial hemp is not only eco-friendly — it’s often times lighter and stronger than traditional building materials such as concrete, fiberglass, and cloth.

Hemp Plane

Derek Kesek  pictured above with a V-Twin from Velocity Aircraft that will be similar to the Hemp Plane

Hemp gets its strength from bast fibers. Bast is the part of the hemp plant that surrounds the stalk. If you ask Derek Kesek about the strength of hemp he will tell you that, “Our experts have tested the strength and durability of woven hemp material compared to fiberglass, the traditional material for aircrafts, and determined that in most cases hemp is as strong, or stronger, than fiberglass.”

The hemp plane is modeled after a Velocity V-Twin made by a small airplane manufacturing company found in Florida. This helps reduce costs significantly by cutting out the prototype phase, therefore making this project even closer to becoming a reality. When asked to describe the Hemp Plane, Mr. Kesek put it altogether in a nutshell.

“The world’s first ever hemp plane is an elegant and sleek four-seater design, dual engine aircraft that will have a cruising speed ranging at a little over 210 miles per hour. The historical Hemp Plane will have a wingspan of 36 feet. Many of the interior parts such as the seats, pillows, and outer shell will also be made of hemp.”

finished hemp plane

What the finished Hemp Plane would look like.

When completed, the plane will be constructed from more than 75 percent hemp and it will also be fueled by hemp bio-fuel. This legendary plane has already landed permission for the inaugural flight to launch out of none other than Kitty Hawk, North Carolina at the site of the Wright Brothers Memorial.

It won’t be a major media event at the launch site because it is a memorial, but, GoPro cams will be strapped onto the wings and cockpit so you can ride along on the historical flight of the first ever hemp plane!

Virtually all products we use today could be made from hemp instead of manmade synthetic products and non-renewable resources. With over 25,000 applications, hemp is making waves throughout health and manufacturing industries amongst many others.

Hemp can save the planet and Hempearth Group Ltd is setting out to make this happen.

There’s also a Hempearth Group mobile game in the works that will be released in the coming months. Keep your eyes on the news to find out what Canadian-born Derek Kesek is up to and watch for the launch of the Kickstarter on December 17th, 2016!

Hemp truly is an incredible plant that has wrongly been kept from humankind. It’s time to go green and learn about all that hemp can do to help us now and in the future. Pay attention to the skies when something flies by, you never know, it could just be the Hempearth Group Ltd. hemp plane.

In the meantime, Derek Kesek has something he’d like you to ask yourself the next time you look at something — “Can we get this in hemp?”

Written by Jame Priest

Emerald contributor since September 2015


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