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5 Healing Crystals to Help You Welcome the New Year

Now that 2020 is (finally) over, it’s time to welcome the new year with positive vibes and certainty that this [...]

Does Meraki’s CBD Skincare Really Work?

CBD skin care might be the next big thing. But does it really work?    I tested two CBD-infused skincare [...]

I Tried Healing my Aches and Pains with Relief, Energy and Mood

Relief, Energy, Mood: REM for short. This California-based brand wants to help you heal your aches and pains the old [...]

Coffee Addict Reviews Humblemaker Coffee Company

Coffee is one of the things that makes the world go ‘round. Even if you don’t drink it, you know [...]
Chill CBD-Infused Teas

Need an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up? Try Chill CBD-Infused Teas

CBD-infused tea could be your new afternoon fix.  After you’ve spent hundreds of days in a row working from home, [...]
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I Tested 3 Different CBD Oils so You Don’t Have to

CBD oil: the cash cow of CBD products. Everyone seems to rave about them and it feels like there are [...]
Moon Mother Hemp Company

Self-Care with Moon Mother Hemp Company

If the trials and tribulations of 2020 have made you feel like you’ve been stuck running on a hamster wheel [...]
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5 Hemp Clothing Brands You Need to Check Out ASAP

        I like to think of hemp as a modern day magic bean. But instead of a [...]
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An Honest Review of Cannalogica’s Skincare Essentials

    Cannalogica’s Skincare Essentials Set is just that — a cannabis-infused, clinically blended skincare routine that will look cute [...]