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Sex, Nugs, and Rock ‘n Roll

Veiled references to gettin’ down and gettin’ high in popular music By DIANA TRIMBLE   Widespread cannabis decriminalization is bringing our favorite herb out of the shadows, finally allowing us to take an unexpurgated look at its legacy on popular culture. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the history of rock n roll, though it’s […]

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Talkin’ Bout My (Re)Generation

An Inspiring Visit with the First-Mover Millennials Behind Mendocino’s Award-Winning Moongazer Farms   Agriculture is at the foundation of human civilization, but something went badly wrong along the way – with both. Is it possible that in adopting better farming practices we could re-discover principles applicable to our human inter-connections too? The spiritual founder of […]



Can Canna-Kibbutzim Restore Zion’s Vision of Agrarian Utopia?   It sounds like a quiz show brain teaser: what links late 19th Century Russian anarchist theory with Rastafarianism, 1970s hippie communes, the foundation of the modern state of Israel, and a new agricultural movement there today? The surprising answer is cannabis. Thanks to an astonishing legal […]



Anti-tobacco activists have long wished Big Tobacco would just disappear, but that’s not the corporate way; when one’s core product line falls out of fashion, diversification is the name of the game. So as cigarette manufacturers look for their next cash crop, it’s no shocker that another smokeable substance should catch their fancy. The cannabis-growing […]

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Holy Mary Mother of Healing

Mary Jane has long been a common nickname for the buds of the cannabis plants, fairly obviously derived from the Spanish-sounding word “marijuana,” which was popularized in the 1930s by the head of the fledgling Narcotics Bureau Harry Anslinger, in his villainous attempt to harness the power of anti-Mexican racism in service to prohibition. But […]


Ruminations on Forbidden Vegetation

Pro-herbal supplement voices often claim that the marketplace has a bias in favor of Big Pharma while being less open to herbal medicines.   The late, great, social commentator and humorist, Bill Hicks, once said of cannabis prohibition, “…but how can you make nature against the law?…Isn’t that kind of …unnatural?” The same innocently logical […]


Can I Light Up on the Way to Enlightenment?

Insights into the Yoga-Cannabis Contradiction Cannabis-friendly yoga is getting as hot as “hot yoga” once was, grabbing press attention across the U.S. However, it’s undeniable that an overwhelming majority of “yogis” are anti-cannabis. This makes some of their alarming condemnations every bit as unsubstantiated and biased as anything Nancy Reagan ever put out, with extra […]

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