Mandy Figueroa

Emerald contributor since June 2020

Shy Sadis, Dispensary Chain Owner, Faces No Repercussions After Appearing In Blackface

  It is neither uncommon nor unknown that there exists a problem of racial injustice, prejudice, and corruption in the [...]

Justice Denied: Trenice Holley of Maryland

  Trenice Holley: “I was an opioid addict until I listened to friends who suggested cannabis to help me stop [...]

Justice Denied: Ryanna and Joe McMinn of Nevada

Ryanna and Joe McMinn have endured many challenges in their efforts to treat her Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with medical cannabis in [...]

Justice Denied: Michael Scofield of Virginia Beach, VA

  Michael Scofield, age 34, is a permanently disabled U.S. Navy veteran. He was serving in the Navy as a [...]
Vanessa Guillén

Vanessa Guillén: A Journey of Injustice

  In the midst of a continuous and unrelenting struggle to dismantle systemic racism in this country, the United States [...]
Joe Francis

Justice Denied: Joe Francis of Norfolk, Virginia

Joe Francis, now age 43, was caught with half an ounce of cannabis at age 19 and the cruel consequences [...]
picture of Jessica Andreavich

Justice Denied: Jessica Andreavich of Delaware

Jessica Andreavich has led her life by having compassion for others. She grew up with a sibling with Down’s Syndrome; [...]

Justice Denied: Jeff Krajnak of Las Vegas, Nev.

It was a Saturday, and Jeff Krajnak was taking his 6 year old son to Shadow Ridge Fossil Farm, then [...]

Justice Denied: Edward Tobler—Carroll County, VA

“I did not become a father without taking careful consideration for my responsibility to do so,” says Edward Tobler, age [...]