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Not So Green

The story broke on February 27 in both the Berkeley News, a publication of the University of California, Berkeley and the science journal Nature. The DNA in beer-producing saccharomyces yeast has been commandeered to make cannabinoids instead of alcohol. In the Berkeley News article, lead researcher Jay Keasling, a Berkeley professor of chemical and biomedical […]

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DIY 60’s Style

But there were no shops selling buds and bowls then, and most of us had never seen cannabis before. Before vaporizers or bongs, before seedless flowers and the astonishing variety of strains and lineages, before medibles, before treks to Amsterdam and cannabis cup competitions, and way, way before legalization, we were all beginners. We had […]

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Cannabis Sampler

Ready for a potluck sampler of cannabis treats? We’ve got some tasty tidbits of information on edibles to delight your mind and your palate. First, get the latest news on a favorite producer of cannabinated sweets. Then, there’s good news about food-safety regulations, plus a shout-out about a new cooking show to inspire your own […]


Hitting the High Points

A celebration of some of the high points in the long and twisted history of cannabis.   Is cannabis legal where you live? More and more Americans can say yes to that. That’s something to celebrate—the positive changes in cannabis laws, from greater medical access in many U. S. states to nationwide legalization as Canada […]

Taking the High Road

Here’s a celebratory book about the highs and lows of one man following his cannabis bliss. Did you ever dream of dedicating your life to growing or selling cannabis? Pete Young, author of The High Road: A Pot Grower’s Journey from the Black Market to the Stock Market, did both and made it big. On […]


Mindfully High

John Selby’s more than four decades of scientific and spiritual training come together powerfully in his inspiring new work, Mindfully High: Professional Guidance Integrating Marijuana and Mindfulness. John trained as a psychedelic guide during the 1960s under the late, great psychiatrist Dr. Humphry Osmond, the man who coined the term “psychedelic” and taught the importance […]

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Texas’ First Dispensary

Technologies of Compassion Texas’ first walk-in medical cannabis dispensary provides high-tech CBD oil under the most stringent rules imaginable, showing everyone how well it can be done. Texas has never been cannabis friendly. As far back as the 1960s, we would warn each other not to get busted in Texas, where possession of even the […]

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From Broadcast to Broadband

Cannabis on TV We’ve had a blooming of cannabis-oriented shows these past few years. It seems the combination of huge legalization activity across the U.S., combined with the greater freedom of expression found on the internet, cable channels and in video-on-demand (VOD), has spawned a new genre.  The path to this opening continues to be […]


Football and Fresh Farms CBD

Testimonials From Life: Pure CBD Preparations Help Professional Athletes and Others With Body or Brain Damage. Cullen Jenkins is a courageous man. He grew up in Detroit as it crumbled into ruin, a shadow of its former industrial, architectural, and Motown glory. For Cullen, football was a way to succeed. He played for several teams […] (8)

Crafting Freedom

Roach likely came from the cannabis lyrics added to the old Spanish/ Mexican folk song “La Cucaracha,” the cockroach. 1920s and 30s: Harlem Renaissance/ Jazz Age. 1940s: Zoot Suit Riots. 1950s: Beat Generation. One thing all these have in common is resistance to persecution fueled by cannabis. Both the oppression and the defiance had cannabis […]

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