Molly Cate

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Weed Nuns

Sister Kate, founder of the Sisters of the Valley—also known as Sisters of CBD, or the Weed Nuns— landed in [...]

A Jazz-Age Fantasy Pool Party

We imagined what it would be like to travel in between the prohibition periods, when alcohol was legal anew, and [...]

Not So Green

The story broke on February 27 in both the Berkeley News, a publication of the University of California, Berkeley and [...]

DIY 60’s Style

But there were no shops selling buds and bowls then, and most of us had never seen cannabis before. Before [...]

Cannabis Sampler

Ready for a potluck sampler of cannabis treats? We’ve got some tasty tidbits of information on edibles to delight your [...]

Hitting the High Points

A celebration of some of the high points in the long and twisted history of cannabis.   Is cannabis legal [...]

Taking the High Road

Here’s a celebratory book about the highs and lows of one man following his cannabis bliss. Did you ever dream [...]

Mindfully High

John Selby’s more than four decades of scientific and spiritual training come together powerfully in his inspiring new work, Mindfully [...]

Texas’ First Dispensary

Technologies of Compassion Texas’ first walk-in medical cannabis dispensary provides high-tech CBD oil under the most stringent rules imaginable, showing [...]