Tommy O'Connor

Emerald contributor since September 2020
The Boeing 737 MAX in flight.

Is the Boeing 737 MAX Safe?

The Boeing 737 MAX was grounded last year after two major crashes. With production ramping up again, is the 737 [...]
The electoral college map showing darker states with greater vote totals. The compact argues against this.

Will the Electoral College be Abolished?

The electoral college has been a source of criticism in recent elections. Will a compact between states gain enough support [...]
The UN flag with cannabis superimposed.

UN Votes On Key Cannabis Recommendation

Cannabis has continued its journey to legalization in the United States, but how is it fairing internationally? The UN will [...]
Psychedelics affecting a person's brain chemistry.

Can Psychedelics Boost Mental Health?

Psychedelics are slowly becoming legalized in North America. Are psychedelics really beneficial for those with mental health issues?
Donald Trump still has not conceded the election to Biden.

Will Donald Trump Be Evicted?

Two weeks after the election, President Donald Trump still has not conceded to Joe Biden. Will Trump be evicted from [...]
red leaf

Cannabis Decriminalization vs. Legalization

In some states, cannabis has been decriminalized. In others, it's legal. What's the difference between decriminalization and legalization?
The United States with cannabis plants over each state.

Cannabis’ Journey to Legalization

In 2012, cannabis became legal for recreational use in Colorado. Will the federal government legalize cannabis anytime soon?
A map of the United States covered in prescription opioids.

Cannabis and the Opioid Crisis

After being labeled as a gateway drugs for decades, cannabis may now play a helpful role as an exit drug [...]
Several states that can potentially vote either Democrat or Republican.

Swing States: A Closer Look

What is a swing state? In this article, we gain a greater understanding of which states are really up for [...]