Bootleg Avocado Presents: Innovation Drive

Bootleg Avocado Presents: Innovation Drive

Bootleg Avocado L.L.C. has announced the sophomore event in their series focused on the interplay of food and cannabis. This time around “Bootleg Avocado Presents: Innovation Drive,” will feature a virtual panel of food scientists and technologists to discuss their approach to “innovation,” current pivots, and adapting in the state of COVID-19.     

The program will be moderated by Bootleg Avocado owner, Mario A. Rodriguez, who has taken a global approach when curating the event.  The panel discussion will feature Yahav Blaicher, co-founder and CTO of Kaneh-B (Israel); Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, co-founder and chief scientific officer of Ciencia Labs; and Mike Hennesey, director of innovation at Wana Brands

“One of our initiatives for this year is to grow our network overseas and better broadcast the tech advancements that have developed,” says Rodriguez.  “Having an ear on how other countries, like Israel, have worked with cannabis through a healthcare lens will be beneficial to brands that are launching in the States.” 

With many startups struggling in the space due to the pandemic, the panel discussion aims to highlight growth opportunities and operating with a lean approach.  The panelists and their respective brands are all in different stages of development: Wana Brands being a staple of the edibles sector for years and younger brands like Kaneh-B and Ciencia Labs (Dreamt), focusing on recovery and wellness through other applications.  

Bootleg Avocado plans to continue the momentum with a third event in May bringing to light the changing landscape of hospitality with consumption lounges and restaurants in a post-COVID world.

Bootleg Avocado Presents: Innovation Drive” will take place, Wednesday, May 6, at 2:00 PM EST. More information about the event can be found at



About Bootleg Avocado LLC: Bootleg Avocado offers services for early-stage food startups who are looking for support in culinary and operational growth, preferably with a plant-based focus. The company is headquartered in New York, NY. 

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