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The popular Ganja Goddess Getaway rebrands to a private women’s social club

Los Angeles, August 16, 2018 -Women are using cannabis now more than ever and The Ganja Goddess Getaway (GGG) aims to provide a positive place for them to do so. Currently, there is no easy way to meet fellow stoner ladies, but GGG wants to help by facilitating connections between cannasisters and normalizing cannabis use amongst women. By taking what started as a women’s cannabis retreat and implementing a new private membership program, it allows a community to be born; a new safe space for women to get high and get to know each other.

With both virtual and real life gatherings, GGG provides many opportunities for women to connect. And facilitating connections is one of their most core objectives. They realized early on that they were far more than just an event service; they were building a real community. And keeping their community connected is what they hope this membership program helps them to do. And with such a low barrier to entry, it will likely work.

“We’re creating a movement of sisterhood and connection, and it strengthens and empowers each woman participating, as well as the community that surrounds her.” Says Founder, Deidra Bagdasarian, aka Miss Bliss.

Open enrollment to the GGG starts at just $4.20/month, and then you customize your membership by registering for gatherings you want to attend, far more inclusive than most private social clubs. And that inclusivity is deliberate, as it’s one of the GGG’s Five High Standards, along with self-love, empathy, good fun, and mindfulness. By focusing on the creative and spiritual uses of cannabis as a starting point, GGG has developed a softer, more feminine approach to cannabis culture. With activities such as ganja yoga and canna crafts, this is not your stereotypic stoner gathering. The Ganja Goddess Tribe hopes their willingness to proudly embrace themselves as Ganja Goddesses will change that stereotype.

“The vision is to offer women a way to connect with their divine feminine and to connect to each other as sisters, and we feel that cannabis is the ideal tool to accomplish both,” says co-Founder and Cannabis Entrepreneur, Sailene Ossman.

What exactly comes with membership?

  • Special “tribe trinket” gift for all new members
  • Monthly postcards to feel the tribe vibes at home
  • Access to FREE members only monthly SisterSeshSundays
  • Access to private members only online groups
  • Access to register for all private Ganja Goddess Gatherings
  • Budget friendly 12 month payment plan options for all Gatherings
  • Discounted registration code (10% off) for one event per year
  • Discounted registration on all events for prepayment


The Ganja Goddess Getaway is an overnight retreat for women focusing on ways to use cannabis as a creative and spiritual too. We find that at the Getaway that cannabis helps us take down our walls and remove our masks so that we can love and heal our most authentic selves. It’s a place to renew your energy through activities that promote sisterhood, growth, and radical self-love. We hope that the Getaway is not only soothing but also transformative which will allow us to take our enhanced peace and creativity and spread it with our friends, family, community and the world at large

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