Cannaeo: The First Luxury Hemp-Based Anti-Aging Serum

Cannaeo is a California based skincare company, and now, the first in the industry to offer a hemp-driven anti-aging serum.

The business first launched in May 2015 as an e-commerce retail website which sold upwards of 50 different cannabinoid and hemp-based products, describes Irene Hesse, Cannaeo National Account Manager. The company took new direction under current president, Carlo Desierto, who realized that he needed to cut the middleman, and instead, create an exclusive brand. “So, he dissected and did an inventory analysis to make an assessment which product category sold the most, and that’s when he realized that he needed to focus on one product.” In other words, the company found a strong demand for hemp-based beauty supplies, specifically in the realm of anti-aging. This, says Hesse, led Desierto and the Cannaeo team to create their very own hemp-based beauty product.

Anti-aging is a commodity and the value of hemp has proven beneficial for various skin care needs. Cannaeo reflects this through their company’s motto: Nature, Beauty, Health. “The nature of the hemp seed and the beauty of the seeds’ oil help with skin’s health,” adds Hesse. While the research and development process is kept under wraps, the essential part of their product, she explains, originates from a chemist. “Rockefeller even said in one of his books, ‘The secret of my empire’s success was the scientist that accidentally extracted kerosene (gasoline) from oil; which became a necessity for combustible engines.’ Cannaeo found their ace, and that’s how it came to bloom.’”

Like most businesses in the cannabis industry, timing is everything. “With the recent hemp law passed in 2012 it was a perfect time to jump on the Green Rush with a product that doesn’t contain any THC which causes the psychotropic effects.”

Cannaeo is formulated to infuse organic hemp seed oil with vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and tri-peptides. “The combination of ingredients benefits the skin’s barrier in antioxidants, UV protection, moisture, anti-aging [in addition to] revitalizing the skin’s surface [and] firmness.” The result, adds Hesse, is smoother and plumper looking skin. The product, and specifically hemp seed oil, can help to prevent acne, moisture loss in the skin, and premature aging.

Hemp seed oil alone is known to treat several skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, as recognized by several medical institutions including the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBICannaeo) which finds it both strengthens and protects skin. Used regularly, it can slow the effects of aging — and anyone from teens to the elderly can use the serum. “All age types are seeing and hearing the buzz of hemp, so not only are they looking into the Green Rush opportunity, but the health benefits of it as well,” she explains, “Using Cannaeo is a good preventive [measure] for the younger generation, and at the same time, the education on hemp is important for all ages to know.”

The company is on a mission not only to promote healthier skin, but also, awareness. “We all know health and wellness will always be around and [will] continue to improve. […] And of course, we are always looking for ways to help the industry grow. It’s such a young sector that there is plenty of room to expand.”

Cannaeo hosts workshops, courses, and brainstorming functions to educate the community about the benefits and opportunities of hemp. These sessions are intended to disseminate information about marketing strategies, laws, and various news on the movement.

The hemp plant was put on this planet for a reason. “Hemp has many renewable, sustainable, and versatile resources that can be used from medicine to beauty products,” and just about everything in between, adds Hesse, whose ability to work with the company continually inspires the cannapreneur in her. “It is natural and beneficial for all walk of lives.”

HOW TO APPLY THE SERUM: The anti-aging serum is fragrance free with a silky oil feel. “The best way to apply the serum would be after cleansing the face. Serum is more concentrated and sips in the skin barrier. It can be applied day and night. But the temperature has an effect on the efficacy of the serum. The user will need to apply a moisturizer over Cannaeo if the surrounding is 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) or higher.”

Written by Melissa Hutsell

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Cannaeo is looking for aspiring Cannapreneurs to join their team. “Cannaeo has a proven, profit sharing system where others can earn a part-time or full-time income. Please know that we are not offering multi-level marketing, this is strictly a wholesale distributor opportunity!” To get involved or to learn more, contact: Irene Hesse 714-316-3996 or
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