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DIY: Root and Trim Oil-Infused Bath Bombs

By Danielle Guercio Skincare brands are just beginning to use the power of cannabis to charge their products with the power of the good leaf. In most cases, this is inert hemp seed oil, but that’s still a great emollient, so there’s no snake oil in play, just a bit of cannabis-adjacent positioning rather than […]


DIY: Cannabis Hydrosol with Trimmed Leaves

By Danielle Guercio More than a popular intoxicant, cannabis is a plant that nature has instilled with hundreds of compounds and chemicals whose functions we only have a tiny grasp on. Development of uses for it that go skin-deep represent a chance to reduce waste, create new revenue streams, or just have some fun with […]


Estée Lauder Joins Cannabis Industry

  BECCA Cosmetics was recently acquired by The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.   Read the full article on FORBES now

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