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Cannabis Cocktails

Cannabis Cocktails are on the Menu

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25th Mad River Festival

25th Mad River Festival How It All Got Started Joan Schirle Blue Lake’s Dell’Arte International has been called “The artistic gem of Humboldt County,” bringing original entertainment to local, national and international audiences for 40 years! As one of a handful of rural, professional ensemble theatres in the United States, Dell’Arte is internationally recognized for […]


Redwood Coast Music Chorus

– By Katie Wheeler – Music.  It can be infinitely different sounds, combined in infinite ways.  It is personal and universal.  Sound vibrations travel through air and we receive, through our ear drums, through our skin even.  Music is moving, music effects us.  Making music is a natural part of life; there has always been rhythm, […]

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Emerald Experience

Samoa State Marine Conservation Area Dunes and Friends for Miles   Jennifer Savage, Adventure Columnist You might not know you’re adjacent to an ocean conservation area – the beach stretches for miles in either direction with only subtle changes – but right off the Ma-l’el Dunes, south of the Mad River, lies one of Humboldt County’s […]


Dorris and Daughter Catering Cafe

Dorris and Daughter Catering Cafe xx By Katie Wheeler | Images by Katie Wheeler & Dorris and Daughter Catering Café Taste.  It is a whole body experience.  We smell, the olfactory sense giving us taste in air.  Vision taps our expectations. The power of belief triggers electrochemical effects.  Mind is matter, subtle and profound.   […]



Preheat your oven to 350* Bake for 1 hour if it is a full size cake, or 15 minutes for a Mini sized cake. Crust: 4 oz Butter (melted) 1 ½ c Graham Cracker Crumbs ½ c Sifted Confectioners’ Sugar ½ t Cinnamon ½ t Ground Ginger Cheesecake: 1 lb Chevre (Cypress Grove works just […]


Emerald Get-Out-Guide

Benbow, California  Dana Murguia Assistance Columnist It’s that time of year when you are either boycotting Valentine’s Day and holing up with your own box of Partrick’s chocolates for the night, or searching feverishly for the perfect spot to take your special someone. Since 1926 the Benbow Inn has been the place for special occasions […]


Emerald Style

Rima Greer Fashion Columnist  I was flipping through Vogue magazine this month, and was really taken by the lack of a singular style that defines the 20-teens.   While it’s not quite “anything goes”, we’re getting pretty darn close.   Of course, how far you take this freedom all depends on your own comfort level […]

Reading Rock SMCA 2

Emerald Experience

Reading Rock State Marine Conservation Area Wild ocean on one side, old-growth forest on the other -Jennifer Savage- Adventure Columnist  Image courtesy of Ocean Conservancy California has no shortage of amazing coastal places to visit. One quick way to narrow your options is to check out any of the state’s marine protected areas – the same […]


Emerald Style

Embellish Yourself in 2015 by Rima Greer Fashion Columnist  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re in a resurgence of embellishment!  All your favorite new clothes are drowning in trim, embroidery, beads, fringe, and ribbons.   This is great fun, not only because they look fabulous but because you can take the art of […]

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