New Green Hornet Gummy and Cheeba Chews Hemp Taffies Now Available

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By Melissa Hutsell

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New Green Hornet Gummy and Cheeba Chews Hemp Taffies Now Available

 Blossoming cherry trees are a sure sign of spring. In an ode to the season, and the stone fruit, one of America’s most iconic edible brands—Cheeba Chews—released its newest Green Hornet gummy and line of hemp-infused taffies.

Green Hornet gummies come in Indica, Sativa, hybrid and CBD varieties. Flavors include: mixed fruit, watermelon, grape, green apple, blue raspberry, tropical mango—and now, black cherry. Each package comes with 10 gummies and a 100 mg blend of THC and CBD.

Cheeba Chews’ full-spectrum, hemp-infused taffies are also now available. Hemp chews come in strawberry, sour apple, creamy caramel and original chocolate. Each 100 mg parcel contains four pieces of taffy at 25 mg per treat. More flavor varieties are on the way, said Eric Leslie, the company’s chief marketing officer.

Hemp taffies compliment the company’s existing line of products, which come in Sativa, Indica, hybrid, pure CBD and a 1:1 THC-to-CBD variety, but they will be marketed as a completely separate entity so there’s no confusion between the legal cannabis operations and the hemp-derived product offerings.

Consumers who crave a composite of cannabinoids and flavors inspired the newest Green Hornet gummy. “Looking at an underserved [market], we saw an opportunity to help customers that wanted a blend of both THC and CBD in their edibles,” said Leslie, “so we took a 1:1 [ratio] of THC to CBD to infuse into a sweet—and slightly tart—black cherry gummy recipe.”

The new saccharine and sour bite-sized Green Hornet black cherry gummies pack a punch,  in both flavor and potency. The brand, after all, is named for its fast-acting, strong impact—and, of course, the cannabis plant’s famous emerald hues.

Gummies are made traditionally with gelatin. The result is an unmistakable “gummy texture that we’ve all become familiar with growing up,” said Leslie, who added, “a large part of our brand is centered around nostalgia and making distinctive connections to memories and experiences.”

All products are gluten- and peanut-free, Leslie assured, and ingredients are sustainably sourced when possible.

Chews are produced using the help of a machine specifically made for the company. “We spent years working to build a machine that would allow us to deposit taffy, which is difficult [to do] due to its viscosity,” Leslie explained. They partnered with an engineering firm that “specializes in chocolate-depositing equipment to help us create a machine that could handle the viscosity of Cheeba Chews’ taffy while still measuring out and depositing the correct dose.” This customized machine has become the staple of Cheeba Chews’ manufacturing process ever since.

When asked about the development of the hemp taffies, Leslie said that the company’s CBD products have long been in demand, “and many consumers come from outside of legal cannabis states that we operate in.” Cheeba Chews is now in a position to serve them and, according to the company, complies with state and local regulations where they operate. “[We] look forward to hearing further clarification on marketing guidelines on a federal level,” added Leslie.

Cheeba Chews was founded in 2009 with one simple and clear mission: to produce consistently potent, discreet cannabis-infused edibles. The goodies were first developed by the company’s founded, James Howler.

“At the time in Colorado, cannabis patients didn’t have a reliable source for infused edibles,” Leslie added. “The stigma was still centered around ‘weed brownies’ and breaking up trim to sprinkle in your brownie mix.” So, Howler set out to create a product “that would consistently blend the cannabis extract and still maintain a great taste,” he explained. “He found chocolate taffy held the cannabis oil best and gave an efficient and discreet delivery system for cannabis.”

Since that initial creation, Cheeba Chews has won multiple awards, earned the title of “America’s favorite edible” by High Times magazine, developed Green Hornet gummies, and expanded legal operations in Colorado, California and Nevada.

The company’s original claim to fame was its “Deca Dose” chocolate taffy, which packed 175 mg of THC into a single 10-gram piece of candy, said Leslie. “Original medical patients needed to sign a waiver before purchasing, due to the chew’s notorious potency.”

To put that into perspective, the average joint is said to contain roughly 60 to 70 mg of THC, according to Marijuana Break, a leading medical cannabis resource.

As the company and legal market evolved, “we felt it was important to provide consumers with bite-sized edible options that still pack a strong punch,” said Howler, “so each individual 10 mg dose comes in a three-gram piece (of taffy or gummy).”

Taffies are low in calories; while the average taffy bar contains 140 to 160 calories, Cheeba Chews’ ten-piece chocolate taffies have 100 calories per package.

Every batch of edibles is independently lab tested at three critical stages: the flower, the oil and the edible. Rigorous testing ensures that “the staple of the company’s products—the consistency—is maintained throughout this new manufacturing and packaging process,” Leslie explained.

The cannabis extract used regularly “tests at 80-plus percent THC,” Leslie added, “and we purposefully maintain a wide cannabinoid profile in our oil to make sure our customers get a pleasant, impactful and well-rounded experience.”

When it comes to impact, Cheeba Chews doesn’t stop there. Last fall, its employees helped raise awareness for pancreatic cancer, “which has impacted many of us in the Cheeba Chews family,” said Leslie. The company gave one dollar for every CBD chew purchased to further research and to find a cure.

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