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Andy Finds Healing and Inspiration in Cannabis

The story of Andy Hull is one of inspiration born out of an era of propaganda. Andy is fully invested in the cannabis industry.  He is the founder and creator of the Dabsolute Pen, has a patent-pending extraction method in its final stages, as well as a full line of edibles that are due on the market this year.

The era of ‘Reefer Madness’ left devastating echoes. Andy’s story shows how cannabis can lead to success, even for those raised to support prohibition.

Years of Propaganda

In 1937, Samuel L. Caldwell was the first man to be officially arrested for cannabis. He was sentenced to four years of hard labor, served at Leavenworth Penitentiary, and fined $1,000! In 1971, Nixon opposed cannabis legalization and declared the ‘War On Drugs.’ In 1981, Ronald Reagan took office and continued the attempts to eradicate cannabis.

Andy Hull knows about prohibition all too well. He is your average American who has lived on both sides of the issue. Now Hull has made his choice and stands in support of legalization.

I was brought up in an extremely conservative home with zero tolerance for cannabis.  Alcohol, on the other hand, was ok.  It was taught that cannabis was only for losers and that you will never amount to anything if you use it.  I was a product of reefer madness and Reagan’s Drug War.’

Have a Drink, Go for a Drive

Songs back in the day encouraged us to drink by the goalpost and the riverside. Andy, like many, grew up when alcohol was all the rage. Everybody drank, or so it seemed. Andy had smoked a handful of times before he was 35 and it wasn’t really “his thing.”  

All those years of alcohol started to take its toll on Andy. When he stopped he felt bad. Not your normal withdrawal bad, but physically bad. Andy decide to go to the doctor to see what was wrong. A few visits and several test later, doctors determined that Andy had chronic health issues related to his drinking. He began taking medications and eventually was on more than 10 prescription pills a day. It was then he made the choice to change.

‘Before cannabis, I was an unhealthy alcoholic.  Now, with cannabis (cannabis is the ONLY thing I take, EVER) I have lost 100 lbs., I’m off of 10+ prescriptions, and feel like I’m 22 years old.’

A Concentrated Investment in the Future

After starting a contracting company in Florida, Andy ended up with two torn disc in his back. This is where things changed drastically. His contractor’s license was revoked due to due his medical condition.

Andy was in real pain. His back plus his chronic medical conditions made smoking up to a quarter ounce worthless. After looking into cannabis concentrates and edibles, Andy made an investment in Colorado. Tired of all the unreliable pens on the market, he developed a way to consume dabs safely and discreetly. The Dabsolute Pen was born, and a lifelong advocate Andy became. He studied extraction and says he’s created a process of extraction that will revolutionize the industry. It is currently undergoing patent review.

‘Imagine the frustration when you can’t hardly move your feet without a herd of gremlins whacking your shins with ball peen hammers…….and your concentrate pen breaks.’

Cannabis led Andy to success in personal health, in discarding prescription medications, and in developing the Dab Pen. The road Andy has traveled has given him amazing insight into the cannabis community, culture, and lifestyle. When asked why he supports cannabis now he answered honestly,

‘Because I am not a fool…. anymore.  After I educated myself I realized I was wrong about cannabis and that I had been lied to.  It is now my life’s mission to educate people on the benefits of cannabis and to help sick people.’

Andy has a great understanding of cannabis prohibition and when asked “how do you think prohibition will end?” here’s what he had to say.

‘Slowly.  It is about the money.  The powers that be could care less about sick people.  Cannabis prohibition is 100% about money.  When more people meet someone that uses cannabis as medicine, and they realize they might be wrong, they typically start reading.  Then change their mind.’

Andy Hull’s story demonstrates how cannabis can help people in a multitude of ways. He has a passion for helping others. Instead of a pain pill addiction and unemployment, he has found vigor, vitality, and youth in the healing properties of cannabis. His passion has led him to start working with lawmakers behind the scenes to encourage cannabis legalization and to get the necessary measures started.

The world needs more seeds like Andy Hull. Go-getters with a passion to help others and make the world a bit better during their trip around the sun. Seeds feed the world and a single seed can tip the scale. Are you that seed? Be the seed and embrace your passion. Allow it to carry you to success. Should your passion be cannabis, then follow your dreams and pursue a career in the cannabis industry. The sky’s the limit only when you don’t reach for the stars!

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