DIY Hemp Seed Oil Hair Mask

By Melissa Hutsell


I was born and raised in California. So, as a native of the Golden State, I naturally use avocados for just about everything. It truly is a superfood—for your hair and skin, too. 

Avocados are extremely moisturizing. The fruits contain natural oils and fatty acids that are particularly nourishing for dehydrated, damaged hair, according to Healthline

I recently had a few ripe ones on hand. And as any true Californian knows, they’ve gotta be used—stat. So, I threw together a quick hair mask.

Benefits of a DIY Hair Mask

Hair masks are intensive conditioning treatments for the hair and scalp. Depending on the ingredients used, they can help strengthen hair, promote growth, reduce breakage, protect from environmental damage, and more

Masks have been lifesavers for my dry, dull, curly hair. They bring much needed hydration, shine and repair—especially to my damaged ends, and itchy scalp.

One of the best things about masks—aside from instantly revitalizing your locks—is that they are easy to make, and adjust with household ingredients. And there are several different variations of DIY recipes available. For instance, you can use: mayo, oatmeal (a personal fav), apple cider vinegar, and a variety of different oils, like olive oil, or jojoba oil. 

I used egg yolk, half an avocado, and a combo of Straight Hemp hemp seed oil + coconut oil for my mask. Thankfully, avocados are readily available in California, even in the dead of winter. But, you can substitute the avocado for a banana.

I typically use a little more than 1 teaspoon of oil. However, I recently got a hair cut, so found 1 teaspoon to be effective (i.e. my ends weren’t begging for moisture just yet).

I like this recipe because it’s simple; easily adjustable; and effective. Plus, it’s made with all natural ingredients (benefits below) that are chalk full of vitamins and minerals.

Egg Yolk: helps moisturize hair, and contains proteins which support keratin levels. Egg whites are also great (especially for oily hair). 

Hemp Seed Oil: UV protectant, anti-bacterial, high in vitamin E.

Coconut Oil: can reduce protein loss

Avocado: promotes growth, shine and is moisturizing 

This particular mixture helps me manage frizz, while immediately adding volume to my roots. Also, it washes out well—a definite plus! If I wanted to add even more shine, smoothness or hydration, I add some oatmeal, or honey to the mix. However, this recipe is tried and true, and is light enough to use a few times per month.

Avocado + Egg Yolk + Hemp Seed Hair Mask

Makes: One mask. Suitable for medium length hair. 

Start-to-finish: 10 minutes


½ an avocado* 

1 egg yolk

½ teaspoon hemp seed oil**

½ teaspoon organic coconut oil (optional) 


*can be substituted for a banana

**You can use 1 teaspoon of any oil. I used half hemp seed oil, and half coconut oil. 

How to Make and Use the Mask:

Separate yolk from egg. Whip until foamy.

Cut avocado in half. Mush with a fork, blender, or food processor, until smooth and free of chunks. Hint: Use the other half of the avocado for a face mask! 

Combine yolk, avocado, and oils. And voila, it’s ready.

Use the mask immediately. Start by sectioning hair, and applying it from ends to roots. Leave in for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and wash hair as you normally would. 



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