DIY: It’s A Way of Life

Do It Yourself, or DIY, is more than a trend, it’s a way of life. The cannabis community is a big fan of the DIY lifestyle. In large part, the black market of the cannabis industry survived as a result of many innovative DIY projects. From closet grows to homemade irrigation structures, lighting and CO2 systems, the Do-It-Yourself mentality has helped cannabis do more than just survive, it’s helped the community and culture thrive. Cannabis would not be where it is today if those who grew had not improvised and done things themselves.


Infamous DIY Grows

Do you remember closet grows? Perhaps that bud who always had something growing? The first closet grows had aluminum foil on the walls, a fish light and a small fan. It was basic, but it was DIY at its finest. This writer remembers seeing that setup converted into a buried school bus. A generator sat where the motor once was and was vented some distance away through a buried PVC pipe. The inside of the bus was stripped clean except for a card table and three chairs. Lights ran down the ceiling, fans were attached to the walls and there were even a few little electric heaters for when it was chilly. Talk about crafty!


DIY Isn’t Just for Growing

It wasn’t just those who grew who embraced the DIY lifestyle. The people responsible for the shipping and delivery of cannabis had unconventional methods that definitely fell into the category of DIY. When smuggling cannabis through the Everglades, people would lay down boards across mangrove bushes to drive out to the boats. In essence, they built their own roads and dock, and would then remove them as quickly as they were built. Could you imagine driving a vehicle, on boards, resting on bushes, in the Everglades? Talk about DIY!

DIY Products Blazing the Way

Let’s not forget all of the makeshift ways people have come up with over the years to blaze the plant we crave. If it wasn’t you, then chances are you had that MacGyver friend who could engineer a bong out of a watermelon, a can or some aluminum foil. The new legal climate has even helped all sorts of DIY inventions become ancillary products that support a continually growing legal industry. Pitch-A-Bowl (replaces aluminum foil bowls), Zigrow (gives you the tools to grow like a pro), BottlePonics (lets anyone grow using aquaponics with ease), the Ardent Decarboxylator (decarb your flower, yourself, so that you can get the most out of your medicine), the Magic Butter Machine (the magic of cannabis-infused edibles is simple, thanks to this) and more all started out as somebody’s DIY.


A DIY Cannabis Project for Everyone

You can find all sorts of amazing DIY projects by visiting cannabis forums. When it comes to cultivation, extraction, or edible consumption, there’s an endless array of DIY projects that keep sprouting up like weeds. When it comes to cannabis, there’s more to the plant than what newbies may think. If you stumble across something that makes you curious, ask questions. Type those questions into Google, and look for the answers in different cannabis forums online. Last but not least, have fun, check out IMPROB, and give one of the many cannabis-oriented DIY projects a try yourself, and see exactly what the DIY lifestyle is all about!

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