Each drop of rain falls
Crashes to earth
Without pain

Always in a hurry
Your not where you want to be
Maybe you have an appointment
And you don’t want to be late
Or it’s just Gravity
Pulling its weight
In a puddle
Then into a brook
Forever flowing
Down to meet other drops forming a bigger stream
The more, The faster
The faster you go
Further down
Down you go
Into a river
You flow over rocks, sticks and mud
Falling over
The upper heights
Causing beauty
As you flow onward to the ocean
And everything in your flow, down even more
To sea level
You’ve made it
But dont stop there, stagnant to become
Oh no, not you
To be filtered and refreshed
Constantly mixed by the tides
High then low
Then high again
Soaked up by the sun
Fresh and new
Bringing life and beauty to all we know
Especially here.
On the North Coast.
Dont ever stop falling in to this beautiful place we know
Forever must it grow
Lush and beautiful
By each drop
In that forever flow

A Poem Written by Joesph Walter

Mckinleyville, California

Photos courtesy of Lance Drill

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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