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Greyhound Cocktail with Cannabis-Infused Vodka

By Danielle Guercio This infused cocktail will have you feelin’ wavy. Using Humboldt Distillery’s hemp vodka, sage, and grapefruit juice, [...]

Girls Growin’ Wild # 1

Welcome to Girls Growin' Wild podcast, the show that talks about what it is to be a womxn on the [...]

The Three State Cannabis Green Trail

Written by Sean Jansen   There is something to be said about a trail that goes through three of the [...]

Grinch Poops Holiday Dessert

Searching for that last minute holiday dessert? Try, Grinch Poops! This quick and easy recipe will have your guests laughing [...]

Bud Voyage: How 6 Travelers Cope With the Fear of Flying and Flight-Related Anxiety

Welcome to Bud Voyage, the Emerald‘s monthly column by Ashley Laderer discussing all things travel, cannabis, and how combining the [...]

Holiday Gift Guide

CBD your way into the holidays this season with the Emerald's Cannabis and CBD Holiday Gift Guide.

CBD Mushroom Tea

Mushroom tea is the latest trend in self-care.  There are more than 100 different types of mushrooms. Cordyceps, Reishi and [...]

Bud Voyage: How Cannabis Enriched Four Travelers Adventures

Welcome to Bud Voyage, the Emerald's monthly column discussing all things travel, cannabis, and how combining the two can make [...]

Tinley Cannabis Hot Toddy

Fill a mug with boiling water and let it stand for a minute or 2 to warm the mug. Meanwhile [...]