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HighLights: Episode 1

HighLights, the show that brings cannabis, cuisine, culture and cultivation. Covering essential facets of this budding industry, HighLights is brought [...]

The Digital Dime: 4/17/20

By Madalynn Flynn Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the [...]

Prevent a Prison Pandemic: Free Sky Walker of Pharm Aide Pharms

In prisons across the country, there are minimum security, non-violent, first time offenders serving time for cannabis crimes who are [...]

Most Aggressive States Combatting COVID-19

From California to New York, here is WalletHubs breakdown of the most aggressive states that are combatting COVID-19.

Capital Cathy: Eleanor Kuntz of LeafWorks

In this episode, Emerald Media hosts Eleanor Kuntz of LeafWorks, a women-lead team of scientists dedicated to identifying and preserving [...]

CEO’s Who’ve Tested Positive for COVID-19

As of April 2020 the following CEO's have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Extraction Explained: Cannabis Derived Terpenes – How to Extract and Isolate These Compounds

Nick Tennant, Founder & CTO of Precision Extraction Solutions, discusses terpenes – the naturally occurring compound responsible for producing scents [...]

A 4-Course High To Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

Emerald’s round-up of our four favorite recipes from over the years is sure to keep you entertained, sans-socialization. 

Philly’s Sheena Roberson is Reminding Felon’s That They Deserve to be Treated Fairly

Social equity is a phrase that is continuously circulated throughout the cannabis industry. But there is still a lack of [...]