Greening Out? 5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time For a Tolerance Break 

tolerance break

Greening Out? 5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time For a Tolerance Break 


Does your daily routine involve lighting up several times a day, becoming unbearably starving at random hours, and losing your train of thought for no apparent reason? If you laugh at 420 related jokes and start to name your animals after your favorite strains, you are well on your way to becoming a full-blown stoner. 

Experienced smokers may have already pinpointed factors that impact their high, like cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, and environment, all of which can negatively affect your mood, resulting in an anxious session. Leaf-lovers can quickly build a tolerance to their favorite flower, and sometimes a break from smoking is in order. Apart from rebooting your sensitivity, tolerance breaks also improve lung function and promote mental clarity. A short herb hiatus will reinvigorate your appreciation and dissolve unhealthy usage patterns. 

Of course, there are ways to intensify your smoking experience without taking a tolerance break. Switch up the strain or ingestion method to amp up the aroma and impact. If your go-to approach is concentrate-infused foods, try out a bubbler for a change of scenery. The water filter provides a cooling aspect making each hit smooth and savory. If you’re looking for a natural way to intensify your high, try a daily intake of mangos and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids for an enhanced experience. 

Unsure if you should take a tolerance break or keep pushing through your smoke-related woes? These five tell-tale signs may indicate it’s time for an intermission from your beloved flower. 


All Your Money Ends up at the Dispensary 

Purchasing flower and wax products can undoubtedly add up when you visit your budtender several times a week. As your tolerance grows, you will probably turn to high-grade varieties that are more expensive, thus increasing your cannabis budget. If you’ve begun penny-crunching to purchase your favorite high-quality strain, it may be time to rethink your intake habits. 


You Rarely Dream 

Regular cannabis consumption, especially right before bedtime, is likely to reduce your quality of sleep. Frequent smoking can disrupt your REM cycle—a sleep stage responsible for vivid dreaming. However, CBD isn’t known to impact sleep. So feel free to indulge while you take a break from the psychoactive strains. 


Your Social Life is Suffering 

Spending most of your time inside getting high can quickly start to impact those around you. If you’ve begun isolating to satisfy your flower-related cravings, you’re at risk of becoming alienated from your friends and family—especially those that don’t indulge in the green flower. If you start to feel isolated or notice your circle is shrinking, it may be time for a break. 


Your Creativity Depends on Smoking 

The perceived connection between cannabis intake and art has caused many to believe getting high is the only way to revitalize the creative mind. While smoking leaf or dabbing concentrate may allow an artist to see the world in a different light, it shouldn’t be the sole source of their inspiration. Taking a break from smoking enables you to appreciate the true creative spirit that’s existed long before your first toke. 


Responsibilities are not Being Prioritized 

Smoking bud or wax is enticing and relaxing. However, too much intake can inhibit your motivation to complete chores, tick-off daily tasks, or hit the gym. While stoners are not inherently unmotivated, sometimes a smoke session sounds more appealing than tackling an outstanding job. Curb your procrastination by taking a break and establishing healthy, productive habits outside of smoking. 


Bottom Line 

Although you may be resistant to the idea at first, taking a tolerance break can heighten your sensitivity to your favorite flower. By stepping away from the toke, you can build healthy habits that will stick once you decide to rejoin the world of herb. 


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