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Sit down. Roll it. Light up. Sometimes rolling a joint is not all that easy, especially for first-timers. Having created countless crooked, uneven, and otherwise unsmokable ones, I was surprised at the quality of my handiwork after twisting up a couple of doobies with Hakuna Supply’s gear. After a few rounds in the gunmetal grinder, my favorite, potent buds turned to fluffy, ready-to-roll herb. The wooden rolling trays are beautifully stained and skillfully finished, smooth and soft as leather. Hakuna Supply elevates something as simple as a box or rolling tray to a high-end, luxury item. A convenient trough-like design in the tray, held the paper in place, an example of Hakuna’s problem-free philosophy, and somehow a linear joint emerged. No worries.

Creatively combining materials from a previous business endeavor, entrepreneur Ilan Freeman launched Hakuna Supply in 2015. Freeman graduated from Loyola Marymount with a degree in entrepreneurship, and knew how to turn setbacks into successes, and how to share the profits. “I had all these tea boxes and wood leftovers. So, I decided to put jars, grinders, and rolling papers in a box and put them on Amazon. All of a sudden, I couldn’t stop selling them,” he explained as we toured Hakuna’s warehouse. Freeman decided to develop a brand, and hired Torrey Thomas to manage marketing, social media, and graphic design.

“We are sustainable and responsible, and we believe in honesty and equality,” Freeman said of Hakuna. He heralded The Honest Company and Patagonia for their good business practices, incorporating the same concepts in his management of Hakuna: quality products, employee appreciation, and a focus on giving back to the environment.

“Our problem-free philosophy is a promise to our customers that if there’s any issue, we resolve it. Our circle of life promise to the earth is that [since] we’re taking out trees for our wooden boxes, we want to make sure we’re giving back as well,” he said. Hakuna currently donates $1 to the World Wildlife Foundation for every box sold, and they are replacing their conventional price and information tags with plantable seed tags. Black Pine, Yellow Pine, and Spruce tree seeds will be among the first batch, and with the holidays coming up this is the type of gift that never ends. Buy a box, plant a tree. Brilliant. By using seed tags, Hakuna is able to reduce their paper consumption and get more trees in the ground. Imagine a forest grown from gifts you shared with family and friends.

The name Hakuna Supply was inspired by the popular song “Hakuna Matata” from Disney’s “The Lion King,” written by Elton John and Tim Rice, as sung by Freeman himself, in the shower. “The fun part of starting a business is coming up with the name,” Freeman said, “I’ve always loved “The Lion King,” and [the song] has this laid-back, no worries, earthy feel to it,” he smiled, recalling the moment when Hakuna Supply was aptly named. Webster’s Dictionary translates the Swahili phrase, hakuna matata, as “there are no problems, don’t worry about it.”

Hakuna’s line of premium storage products and accessories are ideal for display at cannabis-friendly homes and offices, or can be discreetly hidden in plain sight. The book boxes look like regular books, but as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. Inside Hakuna’s boxes one can keep jars of cannabis and all the accoutrements, with a lock and key option available. Book boxes are lightweight and work well when one wishes to “read” on the go. The magnetic book boxes retail for about $40 and the locking versions are $70. A selection of colorful, silkscreened boxes are also available for safe pipe transportation, with images like psychedelic cats and sacred geometry. These smaller boxes are made from Beechwood, lined with foam to protect the pipe, and retail for about $30. Hakuna’s variety of styles offers something for the traditional, practical, or modern enthusiast of any age.

Handsome wooden lock boxes made with real mahogany and walnut are Hakuna’s Signature Line. Each box contains a removable rolling tray, bamboo lidded jars, a grinder, storage compartments, and their unique wooden roach clip that doubles as a stealth one-hitter; a perfect gift for the cannabis connoisseur. These signature boxes have a professional, polished appearance, like one might find in a powerful executive’s office or a VIP lounge. Bring that high-end feel right into your home with these gorgeous pieces.

Whether you are storing or savoring your cannabis, Hakuna’s products elevate the experience to a higher level.



To learn more about Hakuna Supply or to purchase their items, visit HakunaSupply.com, Amazon.com


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