Harvesting the Green Mountain State

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.44.28 PM  It’s harvest time in Vermont. If you live in Burlington, then you know it is high time to harvest your medicine, from the healthy superfood kale to the extremely robust multi-super-use cannabis plant. Your outdoor cannabis plants are done for the season. The kale is not far behind. You know winter’s on its way. If only there were a way for you to enjoy the fruits of harvest all year long, you say. Well, there is. Depending on just what you’re wanting to harvest, there are several choices available to you. If you are looking to grow some green, here are some suggestions to make a great year-round harvest possible.

What you Need to Get a Script

For the time being, in Vermont you can get a prescription for medical cannabis if you have had a physician for six months and have a qualifying condition. Currently, the qualifying conditions are:

• Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/Aids, Cancer

• A disease or treatment that causes severe, persistent, or retractable symptoms

• Chronic disorders, debilitating diseases, cachexia or wasting syndrome

• Severe pain, severe nausea, or seizures.

Any of these conditions and you may qualify for a medical cannabis license. Currently, a plan to allow terminally ill patients to bypass this process is in the works and should be passed any day now. 2016 will be the year for Vermont. Discussions took place between growers and cannabis legalization advocates in Vermont centered on passing legislation in 2016 making recreational cannabis legal.

Will Vermont legalize Recreational Cannabis in 2016

Senator Jeanette White will be drafting a cannabis legalization bill for 2016 that is reported to back small business entrepreneurs and local growers. Last year, a number of growers, health experts, critics, and law enforcement had meetings with Senator White to help effectively prepare the bill for 2016. With full legalization, Vermont will not only produce wonderful medicine and an excellent alternative to alcohol and tobacco, they’ll also be cultivating their economy substantially.

Cultivate Your Love of Growing

Currently, you must be a caregiver or patient licensed by the state of Vermont to grow and legally possess cannabis. You may grow up to nine plants (two that are mature) and possess two usable ounces of cannabis at any one time. There’s just a civil fine for one ounce or less. This shows great promise for the direction legislation is heading.

If you want to try gardening for yourself, here are some great places to help you get started.

Get Your Grow On

Anything Grows in Richmond

Green Thumb Gardening

Hydroponics located in Underhill

Southern Vermont Hydroponics in Mount Holly and Rutland

White River Growpro in White River Junction

These are all excellent places for gardening supplies, whether you are growing in soil or with hydroponics indoors. They have friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to give you advice and direction. The satisfaction you’ll get from growing your own ganja, other herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables is unlike any store-bought experience. Many find growing their own at home to be therapeutic, not to mention the taste and health benefits of a controlled growing environment.

Go Green This Turkey Day and Avoid the
Family Drama

Remember this harvest to set a little something aside to enjoy with family during Thanksgiving. Ditch the traditional beer and football for some brews and buds. Try a craft brew from one of the local breweries with some fine quality medical cannabis; you’ll agree it makes for the perfect day. Black Friday would be a lot more peaceful if everybody would just smoke a little, eat a little, or vape another toke. Avoid the drama between your girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, daddy and your mama. Herb is the healing of the nations and the creator of munchies, which go hand in hand with a peaceful Thanksgiving feast. Stay safe this Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful for all that you have. Have a green harvest and a lifted Thanksgiving!

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