On-the-Spot Cannabis Concentrates

Written by Ashley Priest

Dabs, concentrates, oil, wax, budder and shatter–whatever you prefer to call cannabis extracts, one thing is certain, and that is extracts are where it’s at. Like many other products though, not all cannabis extracts are made the same, nor are they of the same quality. Over the course of the past several years, this writer has had the pleasure of trying numerous brands and strains of cannabis concentrates from Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Oregon and California.

This writer has experienced the cherry essence of CBD isolates, inhaled the goodness of 100% isolated delta-8, and has dabbed the tasty, terpene-infused “Clear.” From dab rigs to straws, nectar collectors and vape pens, this writer has added extracts to joints, blunts and bowls while using bangers, nails, torches and e-nails.

Green Dot Always Hits the Spot
No matter how I dab, or what tools I choose to do it with, there is one thing that always guarantees a good time — and that is Green Dot Labs.  Never have I been disappointed with any product of theirs. Their repository of genetics is a unique and elevated selection far superior to others.  Green Dot Labs’ and their “Black Label” cannabis products are considered by many to be the most reputable and coveted concentrate in Colorado. Black Label FSE from Green Dot is extracted using a proprietary cultivation methodology that is “specifically tailored to resin production.”
Some of their incredible genetics include Ancient OG, Blue Lotus, Cherry Chem Pie, Dutchess, Extreme OG, Fuzzy Navel, Headbanger, Jesus OG, Jilly Bean (one of my all-time favorites), New Jack City, Novacaine, Somango, Strawberry Mango Haze, Unicorn Blood and Wookie Cookies to name a few.

Aside from their own proprietary offerings, Green Dot Labs also offers White Label services for other industry companies. Their services include a free consultation, ten-day turnaround, gorgeous and compliant packaging, detailed extraction log and most importantly, peace of mind of knowing that they apply their three-step quality control measures to every product they process.
This process ensures that Green Dot can create the cleanest, freshest cannabis extract each and every time. Green Dot Labs refuses to process sick or infested plants, so you can be assured that their labs are pristine and free from the risk of contamination at all times.

All Green Dot Labs concentrates are extracted in their custom-built lab that was designed for curating the highest-quality cannabis extracts.  During the design, they consulted with a professional engineers and a certified industrial hygienists. They utilize 100% hydrocarbon extraction methods and reclaim 100% of the hydrocarbon gases utilized in their extraction process. This means the company’s employees are never exposed to gases, no gases remain in their final product, and minimal gases are ever at risk of being released into the environment. From start to finish, Green Dot Labs offers purity, safety and one of the highest-quality cannabis extracts available on the market.

Taking Care of the Community
An employee of Green Dot Labs, Jason Margolies was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer earlier this year. Jason, who has suffered from Crohn’s disease for nearly twenty years, had never required surgery. That was until his health began to decline last fall. A tumor that had been previously misdiagnosed as benign was found to be malignant after doctors discovered that cancer had spread to his abdomen and lungs in January. Since then, Jason has required numerous operations and has accumulated a lot of medical bills in the process. During this time, however, the cannabis community has not allowed Jason to go about this fight alone.

Jason remains optimistic, although he has accumulated over $50,000 in medical bills and only has a 25% chance of putting his cancer in remission. Unfortunately, Jason also suffers from an autoimmune disorder that causes cancer to become more aggressive and in return reduces his chances of putting it in remission.

His positive ways could be due in part to the outpouring love and support he has received from the cannabis community throughout his journey. Pura Elements has been donating 1,500–2,000 milligrams of THC to Green Dot Labs.

Concentrated Caring
So, what makes Green Dot Labs different from the rest? Simple: They care. They care about the plants they grow, from seed to sauce. They care about the environment in which the cannabis they start with is grown. They care about how the plants are handled throughout their life cycle and post-harvest. They care about the methods, tools and products utilized in the extraction process. They care about how their products are packaged, stored and distributed. They care about the medicine patients consume, and how their consumers get the most out of their experience. But most importantly, they care about you.

To learn more, visit greendotlabs.com .


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