Is Harvey’s All Naturals Worth the Hype?

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There are a lot of CBD brands on the market today — and let’s face it, not all of them can last the test of time. 

There are certain standards that are required of a top-notch CBD brand. The cultivation process, any added ingredients, THC content, and plant quality are all things for brands to take into consideration when crafting a long-lasting CBD line. 

This week we are putting Harvey’s All Naturals to the test to see if the company’s elixir and salve are worth the hype.

Farmer, and entrepreneur — Harvey Craig — founded Harvey’s All Naturals in 2015. A friend’s Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, and the poor quality of products available on the market, inspired Craig to create Harvey’s. He and his team had a mission to create a pure form of CBD, staying as true to nature as possible while still providing the long-term medicinal benefits of CBD. 

In Craig’s mission to craft quality CBD products, they have successfully created a CBD-infused elixir and a healing salve, both of which I had the pleasure of testing out over the last couple of weeks. 


Why Harvey’s Hemp?

Harvey’s grows their hemp on Boot Ranch Farms, a 100% solar energy-powered, off-grid farm located in San Luis Valley, Colorado. 

The company takes pride in starting with the soil. 

According to Harvey’s website, they use beneficial insects and over 20,000 species of beneficial microorganisms for insect and disease control, to achieve healthy soil, help maintain excellent plant health, and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. The hemp plants are fed with artesian well water and are carefully tended to, ensuring the “farm-to-table” quality that Harvey’s is known for.

After the company harvests their hemp, they slow dry the flowers in a controlled environment in order to preserve the plant’s natural terpene and CBD quality. Harvey’s lets nothing go to waste; they use the entire hemp plant, which reaps all the benefits the natural plant has to offer. Many refer to this as the “entourage effect.” 

Because the whole plant is used in the entourage effect, this process maintains the natural terpenes and cannabinoids in the hemp flower, resulting in a full-spectrum formula. The third party test results confirm that Harvey’s uses full-spectrum formulations, and have a diversity of plant compounds in them.


Harvey’s CBD Elixir 

500 mg CBD


Harvey proves working from the ground up is worth it. The care and love that goes into Harvey’s products is evident. Their formula is one of the purest tasting CBD elixir’s I have ever tried! 

However, I was surprised to find out that I wasn’t looking at a trial size elixir when I received my package from Harvey’s in the mail. I was thrown off by how the small bottle was at first. But the half-ounce sized bottle leaves no room for unnecessary added fillers, and as they say “good things come in small packages.”

I followed the directions and took five drops daily. So far, I am noticing a decrease in my stress and anxiety levels.

I was feeling a bit nervous before a presentation, and Harvey’s elixir noticeably eased my anxieties. I took the recommended dose, and let it sit under my tongue for 30 seconds. Fifteen minutes later, I felt the effects; I was able to present my work confidently, without worries or my anxiety overcoming my focus. 

Besides aiding in stress and anxiety, for those nights of tossing and turning, Harvey’s elixir was there to help. Within 30 minutes of taking the elixir, I was able to calm my mind and fall asleep. Not only did it help me get to sleep, but it also made for an extra restful sleep that lasted throughout the entire night.

However, the product’s label is a bit misleading. The third-party lab test results show that the elixir contains more CBD than advertised. In fact, it’s got a whopping 764 mg per bottle — which is roughly 52% more than the 500 mg advertised. 

Rating: 4/5 Emeralds


Harvey’s CBD Healing Salve 

500 mg CBD


I decided to start living a more active lifestyle, like many others stuck inside due to quarantine. So, I have recently started weightlifting in the new year. Whenever I experience any muscle tension or stiffness, a CBD salve is my go-to. Harvey’s healing salve has been the perfect pain relief to help with muscle recovery, and get back in the gym quickly rather than taking a rest day. 

When in need, I apply the salve to the affected area for a sense of relief. The salve has a natural, earthy scent and easily melts with the heat of your body for a smooth application.

The company makes the healing salve from the all-natural ingredients of olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, peppermint oil, lavender oil, and of course Harvey’s full-spectrum hemp flower oil.

The calming properties of lavender and CBD help to bring quick relief to the body, while the olive and coconut oils nourish the skin, great for those who experience painful, dry, cracked skin this time of year.

When I reviewed the lab results, I found that the salve’s CBD content is nearly 23% lower than what is advertised. I still believe that the salve is a great option for muscle and joint pain. But the false labeling is something to take note of — especially considering the product’s price point.

Rating: 4/5 Emeralds


Worth the Hype?

Harveys is mostly worth the hype.

The quality and effectiveness of Harvey’s All Natural’s CBD products impressed me. Harvey’s successfully proved the importance of keeping it natural through the quality and pureness of their products. 

The only downside to the products is the price point, and their misleading CBD content. The 1-ounce elixir at $65 and the 1-ounce jar of healing salve at $70. I would consider the price range of Harvey’s products to above-average compared to similar products on the market. 

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