Sellout Launches Fast, Easy and Free Metrc Cultivation Reporting

Sellout Launches Fast, Easy and Free Metrc Cultivation Reporting. App landing page photo

Sellout, a California approved Metrc integrator, is offering free cultivation compliance reporting for all legal California growers, saving them thousands of dollars and countless hours of compliance work.

Sellout co-founder & CEO, Scott Robinson

“Cultivators often work their farms in the mornings and do their compliance in the afternoons,” said co-founder and CEO, Scott.   “Which means these farmers are paying both time and dollars to stay legal,” said Robinson. “We want to change that daily equation.” 

Sellout’s feature suite includes an “Offline” mode allowing for reports like Harvest to occur without an internet or cell service connection. 

Sellout co-founder and CTO, Matt Frisbie

“There are tremendous technical challenges in building an easy way to capture compliance information without burdening our customers,” said co-founder and CTO, Matt Frisbie.  “Many cultivators do not have access to the internet while near their plants.”

Other features include an “Explorer,” where Metrc tag history and actions are available for each plant or group. 

There’s a lot of information associated with each tag, so we wanted to allow anyone to scan a tag, explore it’s details and then offer a faster way to complete the cultivation reports than on a website,” said Robinson.

Sellout also includes features like Groups and Tasks, which guides all tags to complete compliance with simple workflows. 

“We kept hearing a need for something easy with an interface for reporting limited to one thumb and one button,” per Frisbie. Learn more about free compliance and send your Harvest report now at


About Sellout:

Founded by Scott Robinson and Matt Frisbie, Sellout is a Metrc-approved technology company based in California. Prior to starting Sellout, Robinson wore many hats as he was the co-founder of Plug and Play’s Fintech innovation platform, investor in over 50 startups, and has worked with the world’s leading banks and governments around various enterprise compliance solutions. Frisbie, a best-selling author and the first engineer at DoorDash, spent the last 5 years at Google prior to founding Sellout.  Contact:


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