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New Jersey Assembly Expands Medical Cannabis Program

Though most New Jerseyans favor full recreational legalization and in spite of a slough of campaign promises from Governor Murphy, New Jersey still has not created legislation to start the process. covered a Rutgers poll that stated, “When asked about the legalization of possession and personal use of marijuana, 58 percent of New Jersey residents […]


Instant CannaGratification: Pure Bloom CBD Nectar

CBD may seem like it’s come far, but it has such a long way to go. The prevalence of oily tinctures is narrow form dosing, it must be used sublingually for best results and doesn’t truly dissolve. Though this is an excellent method for consuming CBD, some of us want more options for consistent microdosing […]


Did The Denisovans Love Weed?

Just this week, The New Scientist published some of the coolest new info on the genesis of cannabis. The latest speculation is that as suspected, cannabis could have grown into the psychoactive wonder plant it is today during its prehistoric time on the Tibetan Plateau. This brings the plant in close proximity with early humans […]


We Want These Infused Tater Tots by Chef Holden Jagger Right Now

Nothing beats potatoes when you’re consuming (or have consumed) cannabis. Dropping those hot, oily-but-never-greasy glops of salty crunch into your gob is what feasting on munchies is all about. Needless to say we were panicking over not being able to eat these glorious tater tots by Altered Plates chef Holden Jagger. From the flecks of […]

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NHL Star Jeff Friesen Partners With Evolve Formulas

NanoSphere Health Sciences’ Brand Evolve Formulas Partners with Former NHL Star Jeff Friesen New Campaign Aims to Educate Athletes on Marijuana Healing Potential DENVER – NanoSphere Health Sciences INC (CSE: NSHS) (OTC: NSHSF), the biotech firm behind the groundbreaking NanoSphere Delivery System™, has announced that its cannabis brand Evolve Formulas will partner with Jeff Friesen, former NHL player and […]

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BDS Analytics Introduces Arizona Topline Reporting

May 2018 Overview: This past May, sales at medical dispensaries in Arizona were $56 million, a slight decrease of less than one percent from April. However, sales in Arizona have increased by 72 percent from the previous May. Loose flower/bud contributed 46 percent of sales revenue for the month with $25.5 million in sales, at […]


Much More Than Dirt

ASHLEY PRIEST Cultivating any plant to perfection naturally requires four things: stable genetics, light, water, and soil. The soil, no matter what type of plant, will play a significant role in the plant’s health. This is especially true for cannabis. When it comes to agriculture, remaining innovative is the only thing that allows many to […]


Maddie’s Story

Melissa Hutsell Cannabis has provided an immeasurable amount of relief and comfort to countless numbers of people. For Maddie Holt, it has given her time. Maddie was born in November 2012 with Zellweger Syndrome, a terminal genetic disease that destroys the white matter of the brain and effects the production of long chain fatty acids. […]


The Dookie Brothers

2016 Emerald Cup and Golden Tarp Award Winners The Dookie Bros had two huge victories in 2016: They took both first place at the annual Golden Tarp Award light deprivation competition and first at The Emerald Cup organic outdoor cannabis competition with their light dep Zkittlez flowers.   According to Jason “Dookie” from the Dookie […]

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Doc Talks – Cannabis and Pets

Oregon-based Veterinarian Gives Her Expert Advice | by Art Cosgrove Dr. Moriah Kaufman is a veterinarian who works in the Portland/Gresham area of Oregon. She gave us a vet’s perspective on the efficacy and future of cannabis as a treatment for pets. Her opinions and views are strictly those of a scientist and do not […]

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