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Spice up your relaxation with a little Metolius Magic. This week I tried CBD products from the Metolius Hemp Company. [...]
St. Patrick's Day cannabis chocolate, pops and matcha

Kiss Me, I’m Highrish: Elevate St. Patrick’s Day With These On-Theme Goodies

  Move over green beer, and Guinness—there’s a new way to stay in tune this St. Patty’s Day. According to [...]

Cerebral to Somniferous, These Sugar-Free Chocolates Will Send you to Space

Photos provided by Outer Galactic Chocolates   Many infused recipes are packed full of sugar and allergens–which leaves those with [...]
Outer Galactic Chocolates

Edibles are Evolving: How One Emerald Triangle Brand is Keeping Pace with Emerging Trends

Photos by Nik Z Photography   It wasn’t long ago that eating an edible meant getting unpredictably high. Now, these [...]