Cerebral to Somniferous, These Sugar-Free Chocolates Will Send you to Space

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By Melissa Hutsell

Photos provided by Out Galactic Chocolates


Many infused recipes are packed full of sugar and allergens–which leaves those with dietary restrictions behind. Outer Galactic’s line of infused edibles, however, offers a sugar, soy and calorie-free dark chocolate that’s chock-full of THC—a much needed alternative for those with diabetes, or on the Keto diet.

The company, an artisanal edibles companies founded in Mendocino County, CA, currently makes three lines of chocolates: dark, milk, and sugar-free dark. Each is hand painted with its own celestial design.

In an effort to keep up with emerging consumer trends, Outer Galactic recently updated their recipes to include distillate, a pure THC concentrate. They also modernized their line of sugar-free dark chocolates to include monk fruit instead of stevia. 



Monk Fruit for the Win

I was particularly excited to try the sugar-free darks because it is soy-free—a bonus for those, like me, who’re sensitive to this species of legume. 

Soy-based products, like soy lecithin, are commonly used as emulsifiers in foods such as chocolate. While some appreciate it for its antioxidant powers, it’s an allergen that’s hard to avoid for others. 

The real highlight of Outer Galactic’s sugar-free chocolates, however, is luo han guo, aka monk fruit. 

Monk fruit, a small fruit native to Southeast Asia, is natural, and contains zero carbs or calories. It’s 100-250 times sweeter than sugar, according to the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

Despite it’s use as an herbal remedy in Eastern medicine, monk fruit and it’s juices are becoming more popular as a sweetener in products in the U.S. 

That’s, in part, because it’s generally safe for those with diabetes, according to the FDA. It’s sweetness comes from natural compounds called mogrosides, which don’t affect blood sugar or insulin levels

Because monk fruit contains no carbs or calories, products sweetened with it are also appreciated by those on the ketogenic (keto) diet, reports Men’s Health

But, it is worth nothing that just because a product contains monk fruit, doesn’t mean it’s also void of other high calorie or sugary ingredients. 


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A True, Earthy Dark Chocolate

Outer Galactic’s sugar-free chocolates are relatively bitter—even for a dark. The lack of sugar is palpable. It almost tastes like raw cacao, with a kiss of sweetness. 

I find it reminiscent of a dark-chocolate covered espresso bean; it’s acrid, bold and has a slight espresso like after-taste. At the same time, it’s smooth and creamy. The touch of sweetness with each bite provides balance too. Overall, I found its earthy tones to compliment it’s dark flavors most.  

Space Case

Each petite box comes with eight chocolates, each packing 10mg of THC. 

It’s easy to micro-dose these little guys by (carefully) splitting them in half, or eating one chocolate at a time. It’s wise to keep this mantra in mind when eating infused goodies: you can always eat more—not less. Remember, these goodies are made with a pure THC extract. So start slow. 

In other words, these chocolates will get you high—too high if you’re not careful (like all edibles, of course). Two full ones seem to do the trick for those with a moderate tolerance. For those with higher tolerances, however, two and a half to three scoops should get you baked for roughly three-four hours.

The onset is quick: the effects start to creep up in roughly 20-30 minutes—and they’re pretty heady, and cerebral. However, I can easily see how ingesting more than 20-30mg (two-three chocolates) could prompt a full-body high, and send one to space—or lock you to your couch.

The downfall with all edibles—including these—seems to be the sluggish comedown. For that reason, I suggest ingesting these in the late afternoon or evening. They might also induce the munchies—so keep a snack nearby!

Another suggestion: Treat yourself to Outer Galactic chocolates before a trip to the theaters, or a movie night-in (choose a festive flick, like Star Wars or SpaceBalls). By the end of the evening, your bed will seem more welcoming than ever as the effects start to fade from cerebral to somniferous. 


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