Served Hot or Cold, This Terpy Tea is Just Right

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By Melissa Hutsell

Photos provided by MediZen


California is home to some of the nation’s most famous cannabis-producing regions, including the Emerald Triangle. Southern California and the Bay Area have also become frontrunners of the statewide industry. But, the market in the Central Valley—the agricultural heartland of the state—is also starting to thrive. 

This much was obvious when I attended the Lady Jane Society’s International Women in Cannabis Retreat last fall. The event took place in the rural, Central Valley town of Hilmar, and spotlighted regional businesses. 

One of those companies was Medizen, a small, Sacramento-based edibles company. I was fortunate enough to grab a sample of their Green Tea Lemonade—and it’s been a favorite in my household since. 

Supercritical, Super Clean

The award-winning product is vegan and gluten-free. It comes bagged, in powder form. Each 1.8 ounce lab-tested batch has 100mg of THC, and its own scooper, which is handy for serving and dosing.

Medizen infuses their Green Tea Lemonade with supercritical CO2 extract. This tried and true method is nontoxic, and targets multiple plant compounds in the extraction process. That allows for more of an entourage effect, and flower-like flavors. 

Getting to the Good Stuff

Like most cannabis products sold in bags, the zip locked packages can be a little tricky to open—particularly without spilling its powder contents. These hard-to-open pouches are required to be child-proofed. But, they can be slightly adult-proof, too. 

I, admittedly, wrestled with the packaging for a minute—trying to use enough force to coax it open without sending its contents into the air, or all over me. This is mind, it’s worth transferring into a jar after opening, making sure to label it as THC-infused. However, if there are kiddos in the house, it’s best to keep it in the child proof bag where it’s sure to say secure.  

Though the pouch is slightly challenging to open—it’s definitely not exclusive to this product. 

An Adjustable Cuppa 

At less than 2 ounces, an entire bag packs fourteen servings of 7.5mg each. To dose, Medizen recommends adding one scoop of tea to every 1 ounce of water. 

However, I popped in three heaping scoops of tea (22mg THC) into a roughly 10-12 ounce glass of cold water. I found the dosage—and concentration of flavor—to be spot on. And refreshing. 

My favorite thing about this product is that it’s versatile, and easy to customize. If you’ve got a higher tolerance—or are in need of a more potent bevy—add an extra half or full scoop. 

Alternatively, one scoop or less per glass should suffice for those with lower tolerances, or for those who want to micro dose. But, this might not provide enough flavor. In that case, top it off with a squeeze of lemon. Or, add the mix to another cup of tea. 

Those in my household enjoy it chilled. However, the tea can also be served hot, or used as a sweetener for other hot or cool teas.

The Goldilocks of Infused Lemonades 

The flavor profile leans more toward a lemonade than a tea. It’s crisp, and light. It’s also balanced, earthy and terpene rich. The green tea undertones further compliment this terpy-ness. 

I generally find many pre-made lemonades too sugary for my taste. This tea, however, has the right amount of bitterness and sweetness, with a moderate kick of citrus. Because of it’s drinkability, it’s easy to finish a glass in a few minutes. 

Effects start to set in within 20-30 minutes, and last for about two-three hours. The high is generally heady, so there’s no couch-locking effects (unless of course you take too much). Because of that, it makes a great afternoon pick-me-up, and won’t leave you tired.

In addition to gummies, Medizen also makes Fruit Punch and Cherry Punch mixable powders, which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for in the near future. Their products can be found in retail locations throughout the state, including the Bay Area. 


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