The Digital Dime – 10/09/2019

By Samantha Wahl

Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the Emerald rolls up a chronicle of the headiest news hits, and passes them to you at the end of each week. We give you: The Digital Dime.


Arrest Reports Are Giving Us Mixed Signals

In last week’s issue of The Dime, we cited an increase in arrests around the country based on an FBI report. A new conflicting study, funded by the Department of Justice (DOJ), confirmed that cannabis arrests decreased in-state after legalization, and stats based on drug arrests in non-legal areas did not significantly change after legalizing neighboring states. So, which is it: Are arrests increasing in neighboring states or not? Obviously we hope it’s the latter, though we do kind of wish we got some of that legal contact high.

Leafly’s Got a Brand New Guide

Leafly is the prime directory of strains for many cannabis users, and they just kicked it up another notch with an improved Cannabis Guide. While the original guide organized strains as indica, sativa, or hybrid, version 2.0 employs years of genetic research to delve even deeper to incorporate terpenes and cannabinoids. It also can help consumers evaluate if their strain is the true cultivar advertised, and how the body will respond to it in terms of medicinal benefits, like chronic pain, mental health issues, and more.

Is Mexico Next?

Sen. Ricardo Monreal, Senate leader of Mexico’s MORENA party, will present a bill legalizing cannabis use to be voted on by the end of the month, Marijuana Moment reports. Government has inched toward normalization after nixing a prohibition bill last lear, deeming ban on personal use unconstitutional. Some legislators want a government-controlled program while others are opposed, but legalization in general could be a huge step away from the dangers associated with black market cannabis sales.

Square Ain’t No Stick-In-The-Mud

Last week, payment processing service Square officially extended use of its platform to CBD vendors. In regards to the U.S. Farm Bill, which passed in 2018, Square said, “We saw this as an opportunity to make our tools available to sellers in the CBD space, so they can start, run, and grow their business on Square.”

Progress and inclusivity are crucial for exposure in any cannabis-central businesses, and with accessible applications like Square on board, we are that much closer to normalization.

Oregon Regulates Flavored Vapes

With new headlines concerning the dangers of vaporizers flaring up daily, it comes as no surprise when state legislatures takes action. Oregon became the most recent state to put the kibosh on sales of multiple vaping products last week, as flavored varieties are enticing young people to pick up harmful habits. The ban, set to last at least six months, follows news of over 1,000 cases of illnesses and 18 vape-related deaths, a Cannabis Business Times article reports.

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