The Digital Dime – 10/17/2019

By Samantha Wahl

Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the Emerald rolls up a chronicle of the headiest news hits, and passes them to you at the end of each week. We Bring You: The Digital Dime.

The Sitch With Mitch

Photo curtesy of Gage Skidmore

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-IN, spent two days in the cannabis motherland, California, doing what we can only assume was research. McConnell has been an active adversary for his entire political career, so news of him touring potential hemp businesses, and meeting with grass experts comes as a bit of a surprise. A Marijuana Moment article chalks it up to the changing landscape set by the cannabis banking bill, but we’d like to think sneaky stoner GOPs are slowly coming out of the woodwork.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Things were looking up for Texas when the Department of Public Safety (DPS) began to accept permit applications for medical cannabis dispensaries–until they changed their minds. Without warning, DPS paused progress in the middle of the scheduled month-long process. Legislation claims that the halt is just for the time being, the Texas Tribune reports, just until officials decide which medical conditions would qualify for treatment. The issue here is lack of consultation with businesses, doctors, and patients involved. Nobody should be left in the dark.

Return of the King

Stern Show guests Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg

Stern Show guests Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg

Actor Seth Rogen made his second public appearance discussing cannabis this season, as a guest on The Howard Stern Show alongside rapper Snoop Dogg. He and Snoop exchanged veteran advice for first time smokers, like keeping the number of hits to a minimum. Rogen’s devotion to the motion has never been hush-hush (i.e. Pineapple Express), still, it’s nice to see him keeping the discussion alive in front of a mainstream audience.

Vape Ban Receives Flack in Massachusetts 

Following the concerning amount of reports on vape-related illnesses and deaths across the country, Gov. Charlie Baker, R-MA, temporarily banned all vape products as a precaution. Not everyone is behind the decision. CBSN Boston reports that a lawsuit hearing against the state has been scheduled, after industry officials issued complaints about the money that would be lost during the four-month period. Lawmakers have a bad track record in terms of prohibition. It seems as if their go-to in tackling issues with products they fear is to take the products away all together. But it didn’t work with alcohol, and it won’t work now after electronic vapes have been a major part of society and the economy for years.

High Class: Cannabis in Cali Classrooms

Cannabis oil in small bottle with cannabis leaves.

Schools’ rules take precedent in California now, at least when it comes to “Jojo’s Act.” Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill, allowing parents to give medicinal cannabis to their children on school property, if the school permits. A Cannabis Business Times article confirms that the act excludes any smokable medicine, which sounds like a given. This is a huge step for families burdened by the stigmas surrounding medical treatment of intractable illnesses. These victories help to break boundaries in areas of society which would normally reach normalization last.

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