The End of the World

The End of the World

At the top of Fickle Hill

Running up a hill is hard. You got the gravel, cement, or hard ground against you along with gravity.

Bad enough, one is usually out of breath when they reach the top of the hill. Fickle Hill is no exception,

but I want to suggest the scene is worth it. If one keeps on traveling up Fickle Hill, eventually there

would be a red fence to the left. Park your car or bike, and take a short hike behind the fence. It may

be muddy; it may be unsafe, better to have closed toe shoes with you. At the end of the trail,

you will discover that you are on top of a large cliff that overlooks the mountain and forest.

It is there that locals’ call, the end of the world. The cliff itself is not huge, it may be less than

15 feet high but it does give a magnificent view of the redwoods and forest.

On top of that cliff, there is enough room to have a nice picnic or just to rest and take in the scene.

What more can a person ask for? Check it out.

Written By Melissa Yang

Photograph courtesy of Evan Wisheropp

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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