The Sea

The Sea

The sounds of the sea are ever so tranquil to me. The smells of the sea smell mostly appealling to me,

some are not so, of these we shall not go. The sight of the sea breathtaking hypnotic never ending to me.

Constantly moving up down and back up again following the moon from midnight to high noon as it

passes seemingly so near over our skys. The sea is so vast so deep so wide ever changing the status of

your tide keeps me watching your waves crashing at the beach at your very edges my feet. Cool to the

touch but ever so sweet to my nose to my hand with a pen i do compose to words these things the

feeling you bring as each wave goes it does sing its song enchanting is the sea always so appealing to me.

A poem by Joseph Walter

Mckinleyville, California

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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