Washington Marijuana Retailer Raises Money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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TACOMA, Wash., Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Gallery, Pierce County marijuana retailers, partnered with the Carol Milgard Breast Center to raise money during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Owners, Mike Henery and Tedd Wetherbee have a long-standing commitment to community-based organizations and local charities.  Recognizing the synergy between cancer treatments, patients and marijuana, it was natural for The Gallery to look at how they could give back and help those in need.

During the month of October, The Gallery donated $1 from every sale of a special Breast Cancer Awareness pre-rolled joint sold throughout their 4 locations. In cooperation with marijuana producer Green Freedom, The Gallery raised a total of $12,116 to help fund the Carol Milgard Breast Center.  Mike Henery’s thoughts were, “As cannabis and cancer have a close connection with many patients finding help through our products; I am incredibly proud that we could do our part to help.”

The Gallery was lucky to find a like-minded partner in the Producer-Processor Green Freedom out of Elma, Washington.  They immediately jumped at the chance to assist with this worthy cause. Steps were taken to create special pink packaging and produce over 12,000 pre-rolled joints to be used for the charity drive. The Gallery and Green Freedom plan on continuing this tradition every October; and hopefully raising more money each October.

A donation drive of this size could not be accomplished without the support of The Gallery’s incredible clientele. Tedd Wetherbee said, “We could not do any of this without our fantastic customers. They went out of their way to help those in need.  Many of our customers are also medical patients and quite a few of those are either in treatment or cancer survivors. This drive struck a chord and was close to the hearts of many of our clients and thanks to them, it was an amazing success.”

Mike and Tedd have enjoyed tremendous success in the marijuana industry and one of the main desires is to give back as much as they can whenever they can.  They like to refer to these moments as “The Gallery Gives Back”.  Mike Henery said, “If not us, who? If not now, when? If you’re fortunate enough to be doing well, you need to find ways of helping those that need it.”

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