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Cocktails with Humboldt Distillery’s Hemp-Infused Vodka

Infusing cannabis into alcohol is nothing new, but nowadays it’s still on the coattails of illegality. Hemp-infused vodka gives consumers the flavors of cannabis without the THC that some may not want to consume simultaneously with alcohol. We used Humboldt’s Finest—Humboldt Distillery’s hemp-infused vodka, which is available in all 50 states—to create two cocktails that are perfect for a Labor Day party or the lazy, last licks of summer lay-out.


Servings: One cocktail

Start-to-finish: 5 minutes


3-4 mint leaves

Two 2 inch chunks of watermelon

½ of a lemon

½ tablespoon sugar or simple syrup

1½ ounces of hemp-infused vodka

Lemon peel for garnish


Note: Gather your supplies so everything is ready and accessible. Use a large tin shaker fitted with a small tin shaker to build this cocktail. Alternatively, you can muddle into a pint glass. 

In the small shaker, muddle together the mint leaves, watermelon, lemon juice and sugar or simple syrup. Top with ice, then measure in the vodka using a jigger—too much will ruin the balance of the drink. 

Shake vigorously until condensation develops on the tin. Open the tin and strain into a coupe or martini glass. Garnish with lemon peel.

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