Winter Wonderland

Cannabis and skiing go hand in hand. Two years ago this writer experienced this hills of Tahoe, California after seventeen years of avoiding the sport. After sparking up on the ski lift there was nothing left standing in the way of having a good time.

Vermont is well known to ski lovers across the nation as a state with epic slopes and fresh powder. The winter snowfall would be as one might assume in December, with the majority of resorts producing their own powder on top of mother nature’s. With 17 resorts in the state, here are some that many travel far and wide to experience.

Stowe Mountain Resort offers gorgeous scenery and breathtaking views from the highest point in Vermont. Enjoy being high on top of the world, well actually Vermont! Enjoy the easy way up by taking the Gondola Sky Ride. You’ll be floating on cloud nine as you hover above the breathtaking Vermont scenery. The snow-capped forests are beautiful around the holiday season; once you reach the top there is much to enjoy while on the state’s tallest mountain. Visitors can continue the high as they visit Stowe’s gift shop. Walking some of the hiking trails is also an enjoyable pastime while at Stowe Mountain Resort. If hungry, visit the Cliff House Restaurant for lunch. Full Winter Season’s Ski Pass: $2,200 / Students $499


Killington Resort in Southern Vermont lives up to its name as skiers shred the hell out of its hills every season. Voted one of the best resorts on the East Coast, Killington has exceptional trails that lead to six mountains. For those that like the snow but aren’t skiers, Killington offers a variety of winter wonderland activities including snowmobile tours, dog sledding and snowman building. Full Winter Season’s Ski Pass: $1,369 / Students $379


Jay Peak Resort, located on Jay Peak in Vermont, is home to some of the better terrains on the East Coast. Skiers ride along epic tree glades and trails while experiencing an abundance of snowfall.  What sweetens Jay’s Peak all the more is that the resort is located near the Canadian border, where you are just a hop, skip and ski dash away from experiencing another country. Full Winter Season’s Ski Pass: $919 / Students $499


Smugglers’ Notch is a year-round resort in Jeffersonville, Vermont which is only 30 miles from Burlington. The resort spans more than 1,000 acres with over 300 acres designated for skiing. Smuggler’s Notch is rated as one of the best places in Vermont for a family vacation. Full Winter Season’s Ski Pass: $669 / Students $299

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