Leaves of Grass: Arc

Leaves of Grass: Arcata’s Grass Band              The music scene of Humbold

The Arcata Marsh


When in doubt, bring

When in doubt, bring the Whiskey out! A four course whiskey tasting event If there

Build an Earthen Gar

Build an Earthen Garden Bench for (almost) Free    In the green building world

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Emerald Travels

By Sean Jansen, Columnist    The waters off of the South Atlantic coast are far from favorable for most of the year. From Southern Brazil to the southern tip of Patagonia off of the Americas, the water is rough, dangerous, teaming with sea life that would love to take a bite out of you. The […]

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  By Dana Murguia, Columnist      If you grew up near a river, then, like the earth, your being is shaped by current and flood. For the rest of your life you will need to submit yourself to the smell of ripening algae in August and early fall. This is true for most Humboldt, Trinity […]

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The Mad River Flows

The Mad River Flows   By Dave Feral     California is in the midst of probably one of the worst droughts in recorded history.  Ground water sources in the central valley have been depleted so much that the ground has sunk as much as 1 foot below original grade.  Due to the lack of […]

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Humboldt Made

What We Love  About Humboldt:    Real Green   By Linda Stansberry What’s in a name? You’ll see plenty of labels when you walk down your average grocery store aisle: whole wheat, gluten-free, organic, green. But what good is an organic egg from an unhappy chicken? Or a gluten-free donut from a monolithic megacorporation with little […]

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Humboldt Made

Emerald Style

Emerald Style Rima Greer, Columnist   When the City of Eureka was founded, women didn’t have to worry about their body types. They didn’t worry about their waists, hips, and thighs, not the way we do now. Not because they didn’t care how they looked – they cared every bit as much as we do now. […]

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The Trail of a Drought  by Andrew Butt | Photo by Gavin Mills   Along the West Coast especially in Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino counties, it’s not hard to see the effects of the three-year drought. Simply look up towards the tops of our usual lush green trees and you will find the definite orange […]

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North Coast

The Root To Water

The  Root To  Water   Dry-Farming For Our Future     The wine industry has long been associated with its reputation as a water consumer. For the past twelve issues, the Emerald has featured a different winery or vineyard in Humboldt county. With our expansion into Trinity and Mendocino Counties, and with the drought in full effect, we wondered […]

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Native Plants of the North Coast

Native Plants of the North Coast   by Donna Wildearth        Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by the sight of our native red-flowering currant in full bloom? Enjoyed the distinctive fragrance of our western azalea? Been charmed by fairy bells blooming in the forest? Then you are already aware of […]

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Bringing It Full Circle in Trinity County!     By Dave Feral | Photos by Desiree Coutinho   Many of us can agree, a connection to our land and our food is vital to building a healthy community.  This year the folks at Full Circle Farm in Trinity County are offering a chance for you to […]

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Mendocino Art Center: The Heart of Art Written by Nathan Butler | Photo Contribution by the Mendocino Art Center   John F. Kennedy once said “if art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” As a society how do we […]

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What We Love About Humboldt:    Thirty Minutes in Any Direction   by Linda Stansberry     Admit it: we proud Humboldtians who live in the bustling metropolises of Arcata and Eureka occasionally get a bit city-centric. We long for vacations away from the fog and spend grim hours in front of our computers researching timeshares […]

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Humboldt Made

What We Love About Humboldt:    Your Hippie Dad by Linda Stansberry   We saw him the other night at the Jambalaya, right up next to the band. He started as the only one on the dance floor, then he pulled the rest of the crowd towards him with a planet’s groovy gravity. Soon the floor […]

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Humboldt Made

Dogwood Estate Winery

Dogwood Estate Winery   By Michael Martino As the first winery to be reviewed by the Emerald Magazine outside of Humboldt County, we could not be more excited to present to our readership the Dogwood Estate Winery located in sunny Trinity County just near the town of Salyer. Founded by Gary and Pam Barker, the […]

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 SUP Yellowstone National Park   By Sean Jansen     It’s summer. It’s hot and you want nothing more than to go and jump into a body of water and cool yourself off. You are currently living in Bozeman, Montana and you have just about had your fill of the activities in and around that […]

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