Leaves of Grass: Arc

Leaves of Grass: Arcata’s Grass Band              The music scene of Humbold

The Arcata Marsh


When in doubt, bring

When in doubt, bring the Whiskey out! A four course whiskey tasting event If there

Build an Earthen Gar

Build an Earthen Garden Bench for (almost) Free    In the green building world

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Central Sandwich

Happy fourth birthday to Central Sandwich in McKinleyville! Serving fresh, local bread every day from Vellutini bakery, Central Sandwich is McKinleyville’s friendly and conveniently located neighborhood sandwich shop. Open seven days a week from 10am-6pm (5pm on Sundays), Central Sandwich is a McKinleyville staple for a quick and delicious lunch. Owner Larry Dern moved to […]

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Soft Madness

When romantic meets sophistication for dinner, they can only decide on one place; Folie Douce. Folie literally translates to “madness,” and Douce means “soft.” This perfectly describes Folie Douce, which has perfected the fusion of comfort and boldness into fine dining. Located on the north end of G Street in Arcata, Folie Douce has succeeded […]

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Nature Cooked Right

For those that have yet to experience The Other Place, know that it isn’t your traditional Humboldt County restaurant. This opulent establishment provides their guests with a high-end experience by cooking food that is locally grown and raised in Humboldt County. For a night not soon to forget, call in and reserve the Chef’s Table. […]

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POLENTA NIGHT Chef Hughes makes cooking polenta look like a piece of cake. Story by Shannon Perkins | Photos by Michael Batty & Shannon Perkins What is polenta? Polenta is the delicious result of boiling cornmeal and then typically either frying it, baking it, or punching it up with vegetables, spices, cream, milk, cheese, maple […]

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Bless My Soul Cafe

Bless My Soul Cafe Story by Daniel Urtnowski | Photos by Katherine O’ Callahan EUREKA, CA Sweet Mama Janisse has earned a devoted following, from musicians and movie stars to locals and tourists, through a love and dedication toward her craft. With the help of her team, the art of creating Creole dishes is combined […]

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Tierra to Table with Shakefork Community Farm An interview with Shakefork Community Farm Founders, Kevin & Melanie Cunningham By Dave Feral When Kevin and Melanie aren’t living the dream on their farm, you can find them at farmer’s market, providing nourishing produce straight from the earth to your table that’s both organic and sustainable, with love […]

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Eureka’s Ethiopian International Café Brings the Goods Authentic • Local • Organic By Banjamin Fordham | Photography by Bob Doran Nolawi Temesgan is quick to smile, and quick to laugh. He is also passionate about his Rastafarian religion and his Ethiopian roots, and it’s this combination of lightness and drive that he brings to his […]

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HUMBOLDT BAR & GRILL GARBERVILLE, CA Welcome to Humboldt Bar & Grill, Garberville’s perfectly posh sports bar and restaurant. Once inside, you’re immediately engulfed by brightly colored walls and seductive black leather seating, an alluring choice made by owners Alden Akselsen & Julia Foote. On the south side of the restaurant is the sports bar, […]

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The Woodrose Cafe

The Woodrose Cafe Please wait to be greeted & seated, read the sign on the glass door to the Woodrose Cafe located on the southern end of Garberville. Masked in Tiffany-blue paint with white trim, this cafe is an ideal stop for some good ol’ organic eatin’. From their fresh fruit to their veggies, Woodrose […]

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Violet-Green Winery

Violet-Green Winery By Jasmine Lang   When we are all joining with family and friends this holiday season, we must remind ourselves of the significance of the love we are surrounded by, the love that inspires us throughout our many endeavors in life. When you are celebrating with your loved ones, you should take a […]

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Roll Out The Dough

Home Cooking, located on Briceland Road in Redway, is Southern Humboldt’s very own take-and-bake pizza shop. Laura Eldridge and her two children, Jesse and Lindsay, have been hard at work rolling out the pizza dough and covering it with fresh, local, organic ingredients for your enjoyment. “One of our goals (at Home Cooking) is to […]

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“Stop by Home Cooking in Redway and see what’s not cooking. Raw, Vegan, Local, Organic, To-Go,” – Lindsay Eldridge This 22-year old chef has whipped up an ever changing menu of raw, natural, organic food ready to go when you are. One call in to Home Cooking in Redway could order you a variety of […]

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Emerald Travels

Emerald Travels Sean Jansen, Travel Columnist   What is it that you think of when the word traveling comes to mind? Is it adventure? Relaxation? Culture? All true and all different. And rightfully so, considering the variations of each country and what they all have to offer. Variation attracts all of us to leave our […]

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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Trinidad, CA Photography by Bob Doran I’ll have one ice cream cone topped with mashed potatoes, brisket and gravy please! You may be familiar with these incredible cones being held in the hands of hungry go-getters at Arcata’s Farmers’ Market. What once started off as a Saturday stand has now branched out into […]

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Larrupin’ Welcomes You In

Larrupin’ Welcomes You In Photos and Story by Bob Doran Larrupin’ welcomes you in. The place has a cozy, down-home feel. Part of it is the ambience of the place, warm colors everywhere, chic but funky, elegant but homey, good smells and good food emerging from the kitchen. Officially it’s The Larrupin’ Cafe, but it’s […]

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