Herb + Spice Pecans

Other than being too potent (micro-dosing is essentially a matter of personal preference and experience), the main complaint about edibles is that they are always on the sweet side. I hear that. This is troublesome, particularly when we consider cannabis-infused cuisine as a form of nutritional healing. While I’m certainly not one to shy away from a homemade cookie, medicating with other stigmatic substances (sugar, gluten, dairy) can be ironic at best, and unhealthy at worst. I often feature cannabis-infused savory dishes in the Emerald, but for those who want to experiment with low-dose edibles, an entire dish can have far too much THC for personal consumption.

Try whipping up these savory Herb + Spice Pecans. Only a spoonful of honey and canna-butter are involved, leaving an easy to make, savory and nutritious snack. You can truly micro-dose, trying a single pecan at a time. I love having a jar of spiced nuts around during the cold days of winter when I’m stuck at my desk under a pile of work. Have a snack, relax… and get back to work!

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